Sample Medical Release Form

Interdisciplinary care is important for treating clients as a “whole.” Collaboration between healthcare providers allows all members of the care team to make the best, most effective recommendations.

However, keeping a client’s private health information secure is an obligation for HIPAA-compliance. You cannot share your client’s information without having their consent. Having a medical release policy form in your office will allow you to obtain your client’s written consent to collaborate and share information with designated healthcare providers. You’ll want to have a client sign a release form for every provider on their care team. This allows your client to be fully informed on who you’ll speak with, and what you’ll share.

As your wellness practice and referral network grows, establishing a clear medical release policy will ensure that you are not putting your client’s private information, or your business, at risk.

Download our sample Medical Release Form here, but be sure to have legal consult review it, and make adjustments based on your business legal needs.

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