Promo Code Strategies for Private Practices

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Promotional codes are a strategic and powerful way to boost your nutrition brand and track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Even more, they serve as a low-cost marketing initiative that can incentivize both new and existing clients to purchase your wellness services.

A timely discount can be beneficial for both your clients and your nutrition practice, but relying on promo codes too often can actually dilute the value of your services. Being mindful of the frequency and cadence of your promotions — and work on the timing of will help generate interest from prospective clients and provide value to existing clients.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • How to use promo codes strategically as a marketing tool
  • Common promo codes to use in your private practice
  • Best practices for offering and managing promo codes
  • For Healthie providers: learn how to create, view and manage your promo codes

Promo Code Strategies for your Practice:

1. Increase sales for a service or product  

Using promo codes created for your best selling (or most expensive) services offers a strategic way to increase sales for your business. When working on nutrition and lifestyle change, success typically depends on having accountability over a longer period of time. A promo code can incentivize clients to commit to your longer-term service packages (ie. 6 month or 12 month packages), where they will most likely see better outcomes.

A promo code can also be used to help move product (like vitamins, supplements, protein powders, food items, etc.) from your shelves, commonly when they are going to expire or you want to make room for new products.

Promo: 25% OFF all Vitamin and Protein Supplements from now until June 1st, 2019! Use code “BETTERVITAS2019”

2. Advertise a new service or product you’re offering

Have an exciting new test, downloadable, product, service or program that you’d like to offer? Make a launch announcement and include a limited-time promo code to generate interest and sales. Use this type of promotion to attract prospective clients and market new services to your existing client base.

Promo: Are you ready to take your meal planning game to the next level? Then grab my new EBook ‘Meal Planning 101!” → included is 10 EASY recipes, grocery lists and a meal planning template. Use Code “MEALPLANWIZ” for 50% OFF, don’t miss out!

3. Tie into a challenge or seasonal promo to gain new client leads

Running promos for a challenge or short-term (ie. seasonal) services will help give a periodic bump to your client base. These limited-time services can be marketed to gain an influx of new clients, that you then can convert to long-term clients. Challenges and seasonal promotions can also be offered as an add-on service for your existing clients.

Promo: Who’s ready to get in shape this summer? Join our Summer Slimdown Challenge, including weekly virtual group calls, total food accountability and weekly food/fitness goals. Let’s work together and make this your healthiest summer yet. Use code “SUMMERSLIMDOWN2019” for 20% OFF when checking out. Expires 5/31/19, so don’t wait!

4. Use as an incentive for clients to sign-up post event or webinar

Speaking events and webinars are a great way to meet your target clients. At the end of your event, be sure to pitch your services and obtain the email addresses for all attendees. Send a post-event email to your mailing list thanking them for attending, and offering a special discount if they sign up for your services. This promo code strategy will help motivate attendees to become paying clients.

Promo: Thank you for attending today’s webinar, “Plant-Based Proteins: Are You Getting Enough?” For this week only, sign-up to work one-on-one with me, and receive 15% OFF my “Becoming Vegetarian,” package. See more details and sign-up here. Use code “MOREVEG” when checking out.

5. Drum up followings on social media

More and more commonly, we’re seeing providers use social media as a marketing tool to gain new clients. Running periodic giveaways or challenges can be a fun and creative way to create buzz across your social pages. Social media promos can be tied to a event, challenge, date or even as a reward. By creating a promo code strategy for your social followers, you can see short-term and long-term increases in business growth.

Promo: Memorial Day Promo! For *today only* sign up for a test or service through my website and receive $10 OFF your order. Use code “MemorialDay2019” When checking out! Don’t miss out, link in bio!

6. Thank customers, and upsell future services.

Your existing client base can serve as your best target for additional services. Utilize your client base to have them sign-up for new, or continuing services.

Promo: Thank you to everyone who completed the Summer Slimdown Challenge! We’re slimmer, fitter and healthier, but the work doesn’t end here. Let’s maintain your results through holiday season. Sign up for my 6 month “Maintenance Package,” to ensure you’re receving the guidance and accountability for long-term success. Use code “THANKYOU12” and receive a limited-time 10% OFF (that’s a $100 savings!).  

7. Generate referrals from existing clients

In private practice, a great source of referrals for your business come from happy existing/past clients. When clients reach their goals and have a great experience with your business, they are likely to share their success with their friends and family. Offering a referral promo code is a strategic way to further incentivize your best clients to recommend your services.

Use code “REFERRAL2019” for your friends and family to receive $50 OFF a new client package.

8. Offer a realistic discount for Friends and Family:

One mistake new entrepreneurs often make is undervaluing their services, or giving away services for free as they are starting out. Your time (and services) are valuable, even to friends and family. Offering a special promo code to use at your discretion is a great way to offer a discount, without devaluing your services. It can also take the awkwardness out of coming up with a “rate,” for a special client.

Create a “FRIENDSANDFAMILY” promo code for a set amount off (ie. 25% OFF) that you can offer at your discretion.



Best Practices for Using Promo Codes in Your Nutrition Practice

Use promo codes as a “call to action” in your marketing materials:

Take your marketing materials like business cards, pamphlets and flyers to the next level by including a promo code. Create a discount to incentivize prospective new clients to take action now.

New clients, use code “READYFORCHANGE” for $30 OFF the “Total Transformation Package”

Having an expiration date tied to the offer will also propel leads to take the next step and book a session. Creating different promo codes for each marketing material will provide you with a convenient way to track where client leads are coming from. Create a spreadsheet to track data for your promo codes month-by-month.

Be specific in the details:

Every promo code should have a clear purpose, length of time and target audience. Some pitfalls to avoid are creating promo codes that can apply to all/any services and don’t expire. This gives you little control over how the codes are used, and can wind up costing you more in the long-run.

Too General: Use code “10OFF” for 10% OFF

Specific and Effective: Use code “10OFF” for 10% OFF the “Total Transformation Package” (Valid until 12/31/19, for new clients only, limit one time use per client),

Keep track of your promo codes:

Maintain important data (activation date, expiration date, number of times used, etc) on your promo codes so that you can:

  1. Keep tabs on existing codes
  2. Assess effectiveness of promotions

Find the “sweet spot,” in your discount rate

Offering promo codes is essentially meant to increase interest and sales for your practice. There is a science that goes into finding the right discount (percent or money off) that will entice clients to buy, and still generate income/value for your business. Deeply discounted services is likely not sustainable in the long-run and may lead to losing money. Think carefully about a rate for your services that will still generate a profit.


Promo Code Strategies for Healthie Providers

The Healthie platform is designed for you to create, manage and track promo codes within your provider account.

To view “Promo Codes,” → navigate to “Billing” from your dashboard and select “Client Packages.” From the Client Packages page, on the top right, select “MORE.” Choose “Manage Promo Codes” from the dropdown. This screen will allow you to clearly see all of your existing promo codes, including important details.

How you can manage promo codes from your account:

  • View existing and expired promo codes
  • Delete a promo code (Note: deleting this promo code will prevent clients from being able to use it for a new purchase. If this promo code has already been applied to a package that has recurring payments, it will continue to be applied for the remaining payments.)
  • Create a new promo code

Promo Code Strategies for private practices

Creating a promo code in Healthie:

Follow these steps to create a customized new promo code, and manage how it will be used by your clients when purchasing packages through the Healthie platform.

  1. Choose a name for your promo code
  2. Select if you want your promo to be a “percent off” or “dollar amount off”
  3. Indicate the discounted amount or percent
  4. Choose how many payments a client can use this promo code for (ie. “every payment” or a limit like one time)
  5. Enter an expiration date (optional but best practice!)
  6. Set a total usage limit if you want to limit the number of clients that can use this promo code (ie. only for the first 10 clients who signup)

Make more time to grow your business.

Use a platform that automates the administrative, so you can focus on growth and care.

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