National Nutrition Month: 6 Ways to Market Your Business

March is National Nutrition Month, a nationwide campaign highlighting the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits. As wellness professionals, this is a strategic time to promote your services and grow your client base.

Here are 6 ways to market your nutrition services during National Nutrition Month:  


1. Motivate and mobilize with a fun food challenge!

30-Day challenges are an engaging way for people to achieve real change.  Encourage clients to invite their friends to join in the excitement and consider offering a special discount on your services as a reward for anyone who completes the challenge.  Healthie offers a quick and easy promo code feature that allows your clients to enter the code when they purchase a package or session online.  With Healthie, you can manage promo codes right alongside other packages and service offers.

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2.  Build brand awareness by supporting National Nutrition Month initiatives in your community.

This month is a great opportunity to explore community events. In person events are one of the most powerful marketing tools you can utilize. It gives you the chance to excite, connect, engage with potential clients. During your event, you’ll be able to prove your services have value and convert those potential leads into paying clients.

For the most success, choose events and speaking opportunities that are relevant to your ideal client. Think about places your ideal client may be and start there. For a comprehensive list of ideas, visit the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics page for 40 ways to get involved with NNM this year.

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3.  Send out a special e-newsletter.

Reinforce client relationships by providing reliable advice and actionable tips in a free e-newsletter.  Your clients come to you for your expertise and National Nutrition Month is a great opportunity to show that you care by sharing what you know!  

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4.  Offer a FREE introductory call.

Potential clients are more likely to commit to your services once they know what to expect. Running a special offer for free 15-20 minute introductory calls throughout the month can be a great way to gain new leads.

For a seamless booking experience for your clients, embed your Healthie schedule directly into your website. Healthie can be integrated into nearly every website host, including WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, and others. Download these step-by-step instructions on how to embed your calendar, packages and client login portal onto your website.

5. Bundle up your services for greater customer value.

Offering client packages is a great way to encourage a long-term relationship with your clients, from day one. Most of the time, when clients purchase a multiple-session package, they’re committing to improve their health over time. A special “Nutrition Month Package” can help attract new clients, while also offering existing customers a novel reason to stay. Get your clients motivated with a special month-long package offer.

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6. Get Social about National Nutrition Month.

Leveraging your social platforms is a great way to bring awareness to your services this month. Promote your special offers, free introductory calls and new packages on your facebook and instagram pages. Build out 30 days of content in advance, to schedule to your social accounts for easy and consistent content sharing. To help nutrition professionals spread the word about National Nutrition Month, here’s a media kit with images you can utilize (and customize) on your platforms.

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Taking the time to celebrate National Nutrition Month can be a rewarding investment for you and for your client base.  

Whether your focus is on engagement through community outreach activities or improved customer relationships, you are clearly highlighting your practice’s commitment to healthful living.  At the same time, you are ensuring that your brand remains in the front of people’s minds.

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