Building a successful nutrition business with the right support

Launching your own nutrition business can be intimidating and overwhelming. Sure, your educational training has taught you to work with clients, but has your education prepared you to start a business? Were you given the tools and confidence you need to become an entrepreneur?

We’ve seen many dietitians with the passion to start their own business, but without the right guidance and clear steps to take, they put their business dreams on the back burner. Paralyzed by a lack of confidence, amazing dietitians feel that their business dreams are just not achievable.

Even more, we’ve seen dietitians take the initial steps to launch their nutrition business, but find themselves stuck, unable to grow. They are creating valuable content and promoting their services, but still, no one is buying.

Overcoming these initial fears and challenges is part of the journey, but you don’t have to do it alone. Starting a nutrition business requires a solid foundation in business, marketing and sales. Having the right resources and mentorship can help you optimize your time and maximize your success.

Here is our guide to groups, resources and programs that are designed for dietitians in private practice. Utilizing these resources early on will give you the support and knowledge you need to become a successful nutrition entrepreneur.

1. Get Support Early On: Connect with Fellow Nutrition Entrepreneurs

Dietetic Practice Groups and Local Chapters

Connecting with other dietitians in your area who are going through the motions of growing their nutrition business can be invaluable. The ongoing support and advice from colleagues can help you have the starting tools and confidence needed to launch your business. As your practice grows, attending ongoing dietetic meetups and conferences is a great way to stay connected

Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics – Nutrition Entrepreneurs DPG:

When you become an Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Member, you can choose to subscribe to additional professional groups, called DPGs. The Nutrition Entrepreneurs DPG is a great network for dietitians looking to launch and grow their business. Membership gives you access to the NE DPG newsletter Ventures, invitations to meetings and workshops, online access to the NE DPG forum, webinars, toolkits and free marketing materials to help you enhance your business. Become an Academy member and visit the Nutrition Entrepreneurs DPG website.

State and local dietetic organizations:

Apart from joining the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, you’ll want to visit your state and local chapters. Getting involved with your local organizations will help you connect with other nutrition entrepreneurs in your area. You’ll be able to gain valuable insight as to practice laws and regulations that are relevant to your state.

Online Community Support

More than ever, online communities are a realistic and easy way to connect with fellow nutrition entrepreneurs. Facebook is a great place to start, as it hosts several specific groups for health and wellness professionals.

Closed Facebook groups run similar to a forum, in that there are a lot of resources posted for the group as well as ongoing chat discussions relevant to the group.

Pro Tip: in every facebook group, you can “search” for past posts from members. If it’s been discussed in the past, you’ll be able to browse prior relevant posts.

From a web browser, the group search bar is located in the sidebar on the left-hand side

Building a successful nutrition business with the right support

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2. Develop Your Nutrition Business + Marketing Knowledge

So now that you have the in-person and online support network you needs, it’s time to build up your business knowledge. As a dietitian, you naturally have the skills and abilities to promote and sell your business. Working with clients, you educate, motivate and SELL the idea of change to help them have healthier, more fulfilling lives. You give your clients the tools, resources, support and strategies they need to be successful.

When you take a step back, and look at your business like you do a client, you can see that you inherently do have the abilities to grow your business.

You have the passion to create a business and the inherent abilities to sell your services. What you need now, is a business course that can take you step-by-step through creating a solid business model and marketing plan.

Building a successful nutrition business with the right support

Introducing: Healthie’s High Growth Business Course and Mentorship Program

Our online program includes a comprehensive 12 module course, with step-by-step business, marketing and sales guides. You’ll be able to directly apply these tools to your practice, and start gaining quality (paying) clients.

To get started, you’ll receive an hour long business and strategy consultation with our business team. We have 100% been there and know what it takes to get your wellness business successfully growing.

“I have plenty of passion, but need support on sales, marketing and business management. Enter Healthie. The mentorship program is the perfect fit for me and, after just one call so far, I know I made the best choice! I already feel more focused on the necessary steps to establishing a management foundation, a marketing strategy and, most of all, sales techniques. I know I will be in a totally different space in just a few months from now and I couldn’t be more excited about that!” – Tracey S.

Every week (or at your own pace) you can complete a module which includes an hour long video with accompanying resources.

    • Module # 1: Identifying Your Niche and Ideal Client
    • Module # 2: Create Your Signature Offer!
    • Module # 3: Pricing, Financial Models and Your Growth Plan.
    • Module # 4: Building a Strategic Online Presence
    • Module # 5: Creating an Automated Sales Funnel that Converts!
    • Module # 6: Creating a Strategic Free Opt-in Webinar
    • Module # 7: Building a Powerful Website & Landing Page
    • Module # 8: Digitally Reaching Your Clients & Paid Ads
    • Module # 9: Effective Sales Techniques & Nailing Your Discovery Call
    • Module # 10: Leveraging In-person Events to Build Your Business
    • Module # 11: Building Referrals Strategically
  • Module # 12 Developing Your Brand

3. Apply Your Knowledge and Grow Nutrition Business with Ongoing Mentorship

As an essential part of our business program, mentorship offers the one-on-one support you need. Receive ongoing accountability by checking in with our team for a follow-up call. The mentor calls help to create and execute a unique business growth strategy.

“I’ve had two calls so far and my coach has been so great to work with!  She is so insightful and provides me with great advice, guidance, and weekly “homework,” that I feel I am making leverage on my business now.” – Courtney N

Each module also contains a workbook and assignments designed to help you take what you’ve learned in the modules and apply them directly to your business. We know that your time is valuable, and we want you to see your business grow week-by-week. The modules contain actual information you need to know and the instructions to apply it to your business.

When you join the program, you also join a motivating group of entrepreneurs through weekly mastermind calls and facebook group. The group focuses on actionable items every single week as part of a way. You can work independently on growing your unique business, but feel the support of a community.

Learn more about the Healthie High Growth Business Course + Mentorship Program and receive the quality support you need to grow your nutrition business.

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