New Features: Referral Links, Calendar Updates, and More

Helping you provide top tier care for your clients is our number one priority. This week, we have some exciting updates to Healthie that will save you time, simplify your workflow, and even help you get a discount on your Healthie subscription!

Here’s what’s new:

1) Grab Your Referral Link to Earn Healthie Credit

Most useful for: Everyone

New Features: Referral Links, Calendar Updates, and More

We’re telling you here first! You can now easily grab your referral link through your Healthie account.

Click on your profile picture, then “Refer & Earn.” A page will open where you can copy your unique referral link to share with your colleagues.

We’ll walk you through how to do this at our Facebook Live on Monday October 8 at 12pm EST in the Healthie Community Facebook Group.

Share this link with colleagues you know will love Healthie as much as you do! We have email templates, images, and more available for you to download on the Healthie blog to support you! Click here to grab your toolkit.


2) Manage Your Calendar With Ease

Most useful for: Everyone

We want you to have full control over your calendar, so we added two changes to make navigation easier:

First, you will be able to unsync a calendar with a few clicks. Previously, we had to help you do this from our backend.

Here’s how to do it: Calendar >>> More >>> Sync Calendar >>> Click Unsync Button

New Features: Referral Links, Calendar Updates, and More

Second, you can now edit blocked time on your calendar. Before, you had to remove the blocked time and then re-add the updated blocked time.

Now, you will see an “Edit Block” button when you click on the time block.

New Features: Referral Links, Calendar Updates, and More

We hope these changes save you time while managing your calendar!


3) Easily Upload Videos Into Forms

Most useful for: Everyone

Do you want to include a video in your forms? Now you easily can!

If you want to welcome new clients with a video, for example, you will now be able to drag and drop the “Video” field from the “Video” question bank on the left side when building (or editing) a form. Then, you can easily add your video by entering the link.

New Features: Referral Links, Calendar Updates, and More


4) Connect With Your Clients

Most useful for: Everyone

Sometimes when you or your clients try to connect to a telehealth chat, an issue arises with successfully connecting. This may be due to lack of connection of your microphone or camera, which is required for telehealth to work. We want you to be able to resolve this quickly, so now a message will appear that explains how to grant access to your microphone or camera and enter the telehealth chat.

This will make your virtual care more seamless than before.


We continuously update Healthie to best support your business! Let us know how we can help!

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