5 Tools to Grow Your Social Media Presence

There are many ways to stay active on social media without draining your time. Here are 5 essential tools you need to grow your social media presence and save time in the process…

5 Tools to Grow Your Social Media Presence - The Healthie Blog

If you’re starting and growing your business, you know the importance of having an online presence. If you have yet to take the plunge and make your business social media accounts, we can’t encourage you to do so faster!

Social media experts exclaim that “Instagram is the new homepage” and “Facebook is taking on Yelp.” What’s clear is that more than ever before, people are turning to social channels to look for services. This means, that as a small business and service provider, it’s necessary for you to get active on social media, stat!

But we know what you’re thinking – social media can be a time-suck. And we agree! One minute you’ll just “pop in” to see what’s going on… Three hours later, you don’t know where your afternoon went.

Although it’s time consuming, marketing through social media is important for business growth. It is crucial, however, to spend most of your time doing activities that will benefit your business. For many nutrition and wellness providers, social media is a necessity, but it’s not their main source of referrals (just yet!).

Luckily, there are many ways to stay active on social media without draining your time (like adding your social media accounts to your client emails in Healthie). We rounded up 5 social media tools we use here at Healthie, and we know many of your colleagues use, to help save you hours every week. Even if you’re the biggest social media skeptic, you will find at least one of these tools useful in your business.

Here are 5 essential tools to grow your social media presence (and save time):


1 . Hootsuite

Hootsuite is an all-in-one social media tool. You can integrate Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn to schedule, monitor, and analyze your social performance across multiple networks.

If you’re looking to take your social media presence up a notch, Hootsuite even offers automated ad solutions to help you get the most reach for your advertising dollar spent.

Price: Tiered pricing plans start for free for 1 user and 3 social profiles. The first priced option is for Professionals for $19 per month for 1 professional and 10 social profiles, and more in-depth social analytics.

5 Tools to Grow Your Social Media Presence - The Healthie Blog

2. Later for Instagram

Later was created with 1 social media platform in mind: Instagram. Instagram’s popularity sparked this newer platform to help you organize and plan your account so you present a curated feed to your community and followers. By planning ahead, you can ensure your profile looks cohesive.

Even more, Later’s Instagram integration lets you optimize the hashtags you use with each post by showing you the number of times that hashtag has been used. Keep in mind, you don’t want to use hashtags that are overwhelmingly popular or nonexistent to widen your reach.

However, the most exciting part of Later is the ability to auto-publish to Instagram. There are some other scheduling tools that let you do this as well, but Later’s ability to preview your feed helps boost your confidence in what you’re scheduling.

Price: Free to start, with up to 30 Instagram posts per month scheduled


3. Canva

If you’re not familiar with Canva, it’s time to check it out! Canva is an entrepreneur’s dream helping you create beautiful, professional-looking images in minutes. They offer tons of free templates, in proper sizes, for social media graphics. Even more, you can use Canva to design your logo, flyers, business cards, client handouts, ebooks, infographics, and more.

Price: Free! There is a Premium version, however, most entrepreneurs can remain on the free plan for years.


4. Tailwind for Pinterest

Blogging is a great marketing strategy. However, it helps even more to have a blog following. One way to do this is to share tasty recipes with beautiful photos. Food photography lures readers in, and a great way to spread the word, err photo, is on Pinterest.

Tailwind for Pinterest is more than a pin scheduling platform, but also a collaborative network where you can join and create “Tribes.” Tribes are a group of like-minded people in your niche that help you grow your reach.

Like most other social media tools, Tailwind also lets you measure results, monitor conversations, and discover new content.

Price: You can try Tailwind for free, but the Plus plan costs just $9.99/month for unlimited pinning.

5 Tools to Grow Your Social Media Presence - The Healthie Blog

5. Pexels or Pixabay

If cooking isn’t quite your “thing,” or you have yet to master your food photography, you can still have beautiful, curated, and successful social media accounts. How? By using free stock images.

Free stock image sites, like Pexels or Pixabay (plus dozens more), allow you to download and use stunning images for free. Avoid passing the photos off as your own by crediting the photographer, where you can.

Legal coach and attorney Lisa Fraley just discussed How to Legally Use Images on Social Media on her podcast, so we suggest you check out this episode before using any images that are not your own.

Price: Free!


Do you have any social media tools that help you save time and energy while staying social? Plus, if you’re looking for more social media tips and tricks, be sure to join us for our Marketing Bootcamp. Click below to join us…

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