New Updates: Making Telehealth Better

Telehealth, or telenutrition, is a great way to extend your practice’s reach. It’s a way of providing virtual counseling that’s still HIPAA-compliant and available any time, despite location changes.

This month, we have made several improvements to Healthie’s telenutrition functionality.

Here are 3 things we have added, to make your experience better:

1) See Call-In Status

There will now be a new icon when you are waiting for a client to join a telehealth call. This apple will make it immediately clear whether your client is already in the room or not.

New Updates: Chat and Telehealth - The Healthie Blog

2) Hold Audio-Only Telehealth Calls

There will be new buttons on the bottom of your telehealth screen, like a “Camera Off” button. This will allow you to hold audio-only sessions with clients. This might make sense if you or your client are in a dark location, have low wifi bandwidth, or prefer audio-only. (You don’t have to use it. Existing functionality like screen sharing and full-screen mode will remain.)


3) See Historical Charting Notes in Telehealth

You will now be able to access past charting notes on the right-hand side of the telehealth screen. On the “Private Notes” tab, you can click “History” to view charting notes from previous sessions. Now, there will be no need to have multiple tabs or screens open in order to access notes you have made in the past.

New Updates: Chat and Telehealth - The Healthie Blog


We hope these updates make telehealth even simpler than before! If you’d like a walkthrough of these updates, schedule a check-in call with a Healthie specialist.


4 Responses

  1. Can you view the client’s journal while on a telehealth call?

    1. Hi Samantha,

      You will not be able to view your client’s journal in the same screen as your telehealth call, but you can open up their journal in a new window to view simultaneously. You will now be able to view your past charting notes.

      Hope this helps,
      Chelsey and The Healthie Team

      1. Viewing client’s journal while on the call with a client would be helpful, rather than having to toggle back and forth to a new window. Hope you will be adding that feature in near future:)

        1. We will be sure to pass this information along to our tech team, as we’re always trying to improve Healthie to be the platform that makes your workflow easiest! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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