5 Women Transforming Healthcare

Happy International Women’s Day!

Healthcare, tech, and startups all lack gender balance. We can do better.

We believe it’s important to support women who are leading by example. So, we’re shining the light on 5 healthcare entrepreneurs who are helping create the future. Together, they’re transforming healthcare by expanding access, prevention, and detection.


Mindi Knebel

1) Kaizen Health, led by Mindi Knebel

Mindi saw first-hand what happens when patients lack transportation to a medical provider. In addition to frustration, missed or delayed appointments lead to poor health outcomes and lost dollars.

This challenges inspired Mindi to found Kaizen Health, a HIPAA-compliant logistics hub that connects healthcare networks to transportation providers like Lyft and Open Doors Organization. They take the administrative burden off of providers and the financial burden off of patients. That way, transportation doesn’t have to limit access to healthcare.


Lori Evans

2) HealthReveal, led by Lori Evans Bernstein

Chronic disease treatment accounts for over 80% of healthcare costs, or a whopping $850 billion.

During her 20 years of experience in health IT, Lori saw this challenge and opportunity. So, she and co-founder Lonny Reismen founded HealthReveal. They analyze the health of at-risk patients in real-time, providing diagnostic and treatment guidance that helps prevent the onset of chronic diseases.



Kate Ryder

3) Maven, led by Kate Ryder

While working at a venture capital fund, Kate noticed her friends who got pregnant received a lot of misinformation and had trouble finding the right doctor. She noticed that common issues in women’s health and wellness – like menstruation, contraception, and fertility – were still taboo.

Kate wanted to make it easier for women to get professional care quickly. Given that women make 80% of the healthcare decisions for their families, accessing reliable and accurate health resources impacts everyone. She created Maven, a health app that connects women to doctors via video chat. This allows them to ask questions, receive advice, and get prescriptions quickly, conveniently, and affordably.


Rosina Samadani

4) Oculogica, led by Rosina Samadani

Every 8 seconds someone gets a severe blow to the head because of a fall, collision, or accident. However, diagnosing concussions and traumatic brain injury remains painfully behind the times. It’s difficult to tell the severity of a brain injury or even if there’s one at all. In fact, concussions generally don’t even show up on CT and MRI scans.

The difficulty of detecting and quantifying brain injury is what prompted Uzma to found Oculogica – and her sister Rosina to run it. They build medical devices that use eye-tracking to detect traumatic brain injury. This improves healthcare outcomes for those who would have faced nothing but uncertainty.


Erica Jain

5) Healthie, led by Erica Jain

Erica watched her mom struggle with yo-yo dieting and health risk for 25 years. Finally, her mom was able to work with a dietitian through a corporate wellness program: she lost 35 pounds, kept the weight off, and reduced her risk for a host of serious conditions.

Erica found that most people who work with a nutrition professional reach a tangible health outcome, but less than 5% of us have access to this kind of care. To improve access and affordability to nutritional care, she and co-founder Cavan Klinsky founded Healthie. They provide software that enables nutrition professionals to run their practices more efficiently, expanding the number of clients they can see.


Let’s celebrate these 5 women health entrepreneurs and the many women who move the healthcare industry forward every day! Happy International Women’s Day!


Mathew Cunningham is a Marketing and PR associate at Healthie. He loves working at the intersection of health, technology, and entrepreneurship. His free time is spent exploring life with his wife and son.

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