iOS and Android App Improvements

Healthie’s mobile apps make it easy for you and your clients to connect on-the-go. Each month, we update these apps to make them easier to use and to include the same features we offer on our desktop software.

Here are the latest iOs and Android app updates:

1) New Video Chat Push Notifications

You can now turn on video chat appointment push notifications. If you choose to have them enabled, both providers and clients will receive push notifications on their phones that click through directly to the right video chat room. That way, you get real-time telehealth appointment reminders, no matter where you are!

2) Telehealth Is Easier to Access on Mobile

On mobile, you used to have to wait for telehealth appointments to appear in your video chat side menu five minutes before your scheduled appointment. Not anymore! You can now access your video chat room from your appointment list or your appointment detail page, at any time. Just click the video chat button on either page, and you’ll be there.

3) Goals Are Easier on Mobile

Instead of swiping to delete a goal or mark it complete, users can press checkmark on the left to mark it complete in goal list page. Goals can be edited or deleted by clicking on a specific goal and pressing the dropdown in goal detail page.

4) Messaging Is Easier on Mobile

Just like on desktop, we’ve made design updates to make it easier to use client-provider messaging. The loading experience is also better: conversations auto-update without you having to navigate away and back.

5) Reporting Is Easier on Mobile

Graphs in your reporting screen are now easier to use in the apps. That includes better instructions about your reporting and better graph scaling based on your specific data points.

6) Better Experience on iPhone X

The layout of the Healthie app has been improved specifically for those using it on an iPhone X. The experience on that screen size is now better.

7) Small Adjustments to Match Desktop

There are also several smaller improvements that make your experience on the app better match your experience on your computer. For example, clients now have the chance to integrate Fitbit from the app – and not just from a desktop. Another example is in photo food journaling: options for clients’ emotional states now include “confident” and “stressed,” just like on the computer.


We hope these app updates make Healthie even easier for you on-the-go! If you’d like a walkthrough of these updates, schedule a check-in call with a Healthie specialist.


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