Start Getting Ready for FNCE 2018!

Though October may sound like it’s in the distant future, it’s approaching quickly! We’re counting down the days – and not just because we miss pumpkin season. It’s because we’ll be at FNCE 2018 from October 20th through 23rd! Here are the details:

What is FNCE 2018?

FNCE (pronounced fen-see) is the biggest nutrition conference of the year, held by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. FNCE is an acronym for Food and Nutrition Convention and Expo, and it includes lots of education, networking, and fun for the dietetic community.


Why Attend FNCE 2018?

Every person’s reason for attending might be different, but here are a few reasons that FNCE might be helpful to you:

  1. You can network and make friends with other dietitians.
  2. You can learn about advances in the field.
  3. You can get best practices and tips for how to start or grow your practice.
  4. You can get continuing education (CE) credits.
  5. You can meet people in your niche – whether that’s a specific DPG or specialty.
  6. You can get free swag, go to fun parties, and have a good time.


Planning for FNCE

This year’s conference will be in Washington, DC, on October 20th through 23rd. Though the FNCE 2018 site still focuses mostly on last year’s conference, it does link to some important things:

  • The registration page, which lists prices to attend. You can start registering as of May 1st.
  • The FAQs page, which discusses everything from breastfeeding rooms to shuttle buses. Make sure to read with a careful eye, because some answers are still from the 2017 conference, which was in Chicago. If you see any mention of McCormick Place, then that answer is likely outdated.
  • The exhibit hall map, which shows where different companies and showcases will be at the event. Healthie will be in the Technology for Practice section of the Expo hall, in booth #626!


What Is It Really Like?

Here are some photos from last year’s FNCE conference, to give you an idea of what this year’s event might be like:

Photos from the FNCE 2017 conference, from the Healthie team

Posted by Healthie on Thursday, February 22, 2018

We’re getting excited and hope you are too. See you there!

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