New: WHO Growth Chart, Days in Advance, and Streamlined Booking

We’ve made 3 small updates to the Healthie platform, but they could make a big difference for you.

1) Added WHO Growth Charts

Most useful for: Pediatric nutritionists and dietitians, lactation consultants

Growth charts are built into Healthie, so you can see easily chart client progress – all in one place. CDC growth charts for ages 2-20 have been available for a while, but now, WHO growth charts, for children aged 0 to 2, are also available.

If you are already using growth charts, this will be applied automatically. For any clients whose birthday indicates that they are under 2 years old, the relevant WHO growth chart will be automatically applied.
Healthie Calendar Settings

2) Added “Minimum Days in Advance”

Most useful for: All providers

Your Healthie calendar already allows you to set your availability for client appointments. Now, you can apply a global setting that prevents clients from scheduling immediate appointments. This could be useful if you want to make sure there is time to complete and review intake paperwork, for example.

To access this setting, go to your calendar, select “More,” and select “Appointment Setting.” Then, you can specify a minimum number of days in advance for your appointments.


3) Streamlined Booking for Clients

Most useful for: Everyone (providers and clients)

We recently introduced a redesigned version of the embedded calendar, making it easier to use. Providers embed their booking calendar on their site, and clients can follow the simple steps to book an appointment. After the redesign launched, we were happy to get feedback from you, our users, on what you liked and what could be improved.

Based on that, we made a change: we removed an extra click that clients had to do in order to finish scheduling. This streamlines the client booking experience, hopefully improving your book rate on your site.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know!


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