New Updates: Client Chat

Securely communicating with your clients is essential to ensure their success. We’re happy to announce changes to Healthie’s messaging that will make it even easier to communicate with clients. Going live on March 6th, these changes include 3 improvements and 1 new feature.


Upgrades to Healthie’s chat include:

  • The design of chat will be cleaner, to make it easier to see and read messages.
  • Messaging with clients will be faster, because the page will no longer reload between messages.
  • It will be easier to access the message blast feature, which lets you send a one-on-one message to multiple clients with the click of a button (think of it like a BCC’d email). When you click on the message blast icon, you will be able to select which clients or groups you wish to send your message to.

New Updates: Chat and Telehealth - The Healthie Blog


There is also 1 new chat feature:

Group practices will now be able to have an in-Healthie chat among providers. For easy access any time, his message will always remain at the top of your chat.

This new functionality enables HIPAA-compliant collaboration between providers. That can be especially helpful when one provider is covering for another or when there is a supervisor relationship within the group.


Let us know if you’d like to learn more about these changes!


Chelsey Amer, MS, RDN, CDN is a New York City-based registered dietitian nutritionist with a Masters in Clinical Nutrition from New York University. Chelsey started her virtual nutrition private practice in 2016 to help women find their food freedom and feel their best with mindful weight management techniques. Chelsey runs a successful food blog, CitNutritionally.com, where you can find deliciously nutritious, simple, food allergy friendly recipes. As a member of the marketing and partnerships team at Healthie, Chelsey spends most of her days writing, speaking with members of the Healthie community, and hanging out on social media!

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