We’re Excited to Partner with the Whole30 Coaching Program

Here at Healthie, we love working with health coaches to build their dream businesses. We help coaches increase their reach and revenue by making it easy to manage your back-end – from scheduling and client communication to billing and virtual coaching.

That’s why, today, we’re partnering with the Whole30 Coaching Program. We’re both invested in the success of Whole30 coaches, and their businesses and clients.

With this partnership, Whole30-certified coaches get access to Healthie’s extensive practice management features at a discounted price. You get a comprehensive platform that’s designed for the specific needs of health coaches. And it all starts with a trial and with a call to help you get set up and start saving time and growing your business.

With this partnership, Whole30-certified Coaches get access to:

  • A free 7-day trial of Healthie, to see how it works
  • A live training session
  • A discounted membership
  • An additional discount to start
  • Continuing support – via chat, phone, or email

If you’re a Whole30-certified coach, sign up here to get your free trial and discounted membership.


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