Meet Jacyn Siebert, Digital Marketing Expert

Healthie is excited to introduce you to Jacyn Siebert, a digital marketing coach for entrepreneurs. Click here to find out more about Jacyn’s special discounted services for Healthie members. We hope you enjoy learning about Jacyn as much as we did…

Healthie [H]: Please tell us about your background, your company, and how you got started.

Jacyn [J]: I was entrepreneurial as a child. I started small businesses around the neighborhood and sold Little Debbie’s out of my gym locker in middle school during basketball season netting $50-$75/ week. Which of you think about that, at $1/box, that was a lot of Little Debbie’s!

I clearly wasn’t in the loop on the ingredient list at that age. Today, I would pay people NOT to eat food like that!

Becoming an entrepreneur was never a question for me so I decided to train on my own and be trained by the best in the industry. In 2007, I had just moved to the San Francisco Bay Area from the Big Island of Hawaii and quickly realized how powerful Facebook was becoming, specifically for businesses.

For the next two years I worked relentlessly, learning everything I could about digital marketing, social media marketing, and created a blog that I later leveraged as a portfolio to land a Community Manager job at Williams-Sonoma in 2011.

I built out their social program and content strategy for two of their brands. Shortly afterwards, I took a job with a technology company out of NYC that helped enterprise businesses manage their social media. I worked with hundreds of Fortune 100/500 companies advising them on their program implementation strategy.

My company got started shortly afterwards. With ten years of social media experience, I continue consulting businesses on how to leverage social media content to drive revenue and began my health and wellness practice leveraging my background to make it easier to heal at scale. My mission is to help reach as many people as I possibly can and to do that, I need technology.

H:  What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned as an entrepreneur?
J: If I could do it all over again, I would have bet on me along time ago. I am my best bet.

H: We love that and definitely agree that more entrepreneurs need to have 110% faith in themselves. How did your interest in the health and wellness space start?
J: There were three significant events in my life that were game changers for me.

In 2004, I gained 25 lbs and couldn’t lose it.

In 2007, I was living in Hawaii and noticed that many of the kids had belly fat even after playing in the water all day everyday. Something wasn’t adding up.

Then in 2016, my Mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. That is when I decided to go all in and do everything I can to help heal as many people as possible. It was then that I decided to take my technology background and put it to work in the health and wellness arena.

H: How do you think technology is making it easier for people to eat healthier and improve access to care?
J: Technology is amazing in this area! Information overload is the tricky part. Accessibility for both the client and the practitioner is great when it comes to information and communication.

Written content, videos and other micro-content play a significant role in educating the market and planting seeds of change.

SaaS [software as a service] products (like Healthie), apps and wearable technology are also making it easier and more efficient to reach more people and for consumers to engage.

Automation is making it more affordable for people to get top-dollar advising for a fraction of the cost.

And, of course, my area of expertise, social media marketing is at an all time high for lead generation and conversion.

I am seeing individuals, small-large businesses and corporations make money hand over fist through Facebook and Instagram. Now is the time to do what we do best AND reach the most amount of people to do so.

I think now more than ever is the best time to take advantage of the amazing technology and strategic targeting that social media channels have to offer.


We hope you learned as much from Jacyn as we did! Jacyn is kindly offering discounted services to Healthie members. To find out more contact Jacyn Siebert at ​jacyn@jacynsiebert.com or (619) 952-5825.

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