3 Ways to Use Healthie to Get New Clients

Are you nervous to take the jump into private practice for fear of not having any clients? Or are you looking to grow your private practice, but not too sure where to start? This is where Healthie and some strategic marketing comes in!

Here at Healthie we don’t just want to help you manage your practice and securely use telehealth with your clients, but we want to help you grow your practice too.

One of the most common questions we receive from both new practitioners and seasoned vets who are looking to expand their private practices is how to gain new clients and use Healthie to do so.

We reviewed what works best for Healthie users and found that doing these 3 things helped Healthie users get new clients and boost their revenue:

1. Create client packages

A great way to draw in new clients and keep them coming back is to create client packages. A client package is a bundle of sessions that a client purchases at once so they can work towards their goals over the course of a few weeks or months. You know that most nutritional concerns cannot be solved in one visit, and when a client purchases a package of sessions with you, they recognize that too!

We love these examples of nutrition professionals using Healthie’s client packages to promote their businesses and gain new clients with ease:
Eat Fit Live
Bosch Nutrition

Here’s how to set up client packages:  Go to “Client Packages” under the Billing tab on your home screen → Complete the form that is titled “Add new client package.” Name your package and fill in a description, upload a picture to accompany your package, designate how many initial and follow up sessions are included in your package, the billing frequency and package price. Click “Create Package.”
Once you create a package, you can click “Share” and choose one of the three options listed to share your link with new and existing clients.
You can also watch this video tutorial to learn how to set up client packages!

You can also further market Healthie for your practice by creating a package of concierge service of using the Healthie app. We see some practitioners charge clients an additional $20-$100 monthly for use of the Healthie app’s food logging, messaging, and tracking. This addition will not only directly bring in revenue for your practice, but also highlight this feature to bring attention to it as added help and accountability.


2. Integrate Healthie’s calendar on your website

One Healthie feature that can definitely help you gain new clients is integrating Healthie’s calendar on your website. This allows anyone visiting your website to buy a package and directly book an appointment with you. By eliminating the additional step of inquiry, then going back and forth to find an available appointment time, new and existing clients can book their appointments directly from your beautiful website! You are able to set your availability (by appointment type) on your calendar and directly embed your calendar on your site. Watch this quick video tutorial to set up your calendar in Healthie.

Here’s how some providers integrate their calendar on their website:
Nutritiously Yours
Smart Belly Nutrition


3. Actively share your services on social media.

Social media is a powerful tool to recruit new clients. In fact, many nutrition professionals have told us that they got their first client via social media! The more active you are on social media, including sharing your counseling services, the more likely you will be to recruit new clients.

As you begin to establish your online presence, use it to foster relationships with prospective clients. Be genuine and interact with social media users in your niche.

Check out this awesome toolkit we created just for you to help you promote your great counseling services using Healthie.

Here are some of our favorite examples of how to promote your practice with Healthie on social media:

If you’re looking for more resources on how to market your private practice, check out our marketing e-book and sign up for our next Marketing Bootcamp, and always feel free to contact us at hello@gethealthie.com.

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