Integrate your Fitbit with Healthie

Healthie now offers Fitbit integration! Clients can now see their Fitbit metrics recorded in the Healthie app so that a most complete record of client physical activity and intake can be kept on record automatically.

How do I integrate my Fitbit with Healthie? 

Clients may integrate their Fitbits by going to the Settings icon in the top right hand corner of their screen when logged in to their client portal online and selecting “Account.” At the bottom of the page,  your client will see “Fitbit settings.”

Click the button below that reads “Connect with Fitbit.” This will take your client to a Fitbit log in page. They may enter their log in information and then the integration will be complete. Their tracked metrics through Fitbit will be store in Healthie.

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  1. This function is not working, after clicking on “connecting Fitbit” it took me back to Healthie homepage with no Fitbit data imported. However it did work last week but only once.

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