Ambassador Wellness Tips Submission Guide

One perk we are excited to provide our Ambassadors is a feature spotlight on our Instagram. Submit a short and sweet health or wellness tip and we will share it loud and proud on our Instagram, not only sharing your Insta handle, but including a image of you (the expert behind the quote) and where others can find more information about you and your practice!

We just have a few quick guidelines for submitting!

  1. Keep your tip short and sweet. 140 characters (like Twitter!) is our recommended limit. Longer than that, your tip may be hard to read!
  2. Include a photo of you, your practice, or the product you’re looking to highlight. We prefer photos of you because it is the most personal, but if you are looking to highlight something going on at your practice, feel free to share!
  3. Include for us your practice website URL or Facebook page so that we know where to direct readers!
  4. Send all submissions to hello@gethealthie.com with the Subject line: “Submission for Instagram” – that way we’ll know right away what to do with your email.

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