eBook: Healthie’s Handbook to Starting a Private Practice

Healthie is proud to provide a forum for nutrition professionals to learn about private practice, marketing, and growing their businesses. We’re including our free eBook below to help our newest members gain traction and create successful practices.

Healthie’s Handbook To Starting a Private Practice

In this free ebook, you will learn all of the essentials to starting your own private practice! We walk you through the process step by step in a fast-moving 58 pages of content, where we cover everything from building your brand to running a business. In this guide, we cover the all of the required steps to creating a private practice to the elusive odds-and-ends, like how to start taking insurance at your private practice or how to stay HIPAA compliant.

This ebook answers questions like:

What information do I need to share on my practice’s website? 

What forms do I need to make before I start seeing clients?

How do I find my first few clients?

We even include free charting templates that you can use for your own practice!

This EBook is 100% free. Click the button below to be redirected to our download page.


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