The Health Coach Collective Partners with Healthie

Healthie is excited to announce a new partnership with The Health Coach Collective (THCC), the driving force in support Health Coaches, connecting practitioners with new patients, and promoting health and wellness among families and communities world wide. THCC shares Healthie’s mission to make nutritional care through nutritional counseling available worldwide and utilize this partnership to empower and support Health Coaches.

Susan Price, Founder of THCC, utilizes Healthie with her own clients. “Generally, Health Coaches run their own practices,” says Price. “They need to be everything from the book-keeper to the marketing manager. I have found that IT and managing client systems can be overwhelming for many Health Coaches – particularly those who have no or little experience in this area.  Healthie is an amazing, user-friendly tool and the ability to customize it makes it an ideal solution for Health Coaches wanting to concentrate on coaching rather than paperwork.”

Price encourages Health Coaches to experiment with innovative new technologies and explore just how Healthie can support the process of building up the client/provider relationship.

Healthie CEO, Erica stated, “From Day 1, I have been highly impressed with Susan, The Health Coach Collective, and the incredible community that she has built around coaching and care. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for THCC and to be a part of this from the early stages is very exciting. Now more than ever, people need the guidance from health experts, and THCC in partnership with Healthie will be a great vehicle to support this goal.”

As a part of this partnership, Healthie will soon be hosting a presentation demonstrating the platform and features along with a complementary two-week, free trial.

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