Florida State University integrates Healthie for student education

Florida State University is now using  Healthie’s telehealth platform with their dietetic student interns to create a program for standardized patient interactions in the classroom setting.

The program at Florida State emphasizes the continued expansion of telehealth technology throughout the dietetic community. According to the 2015 Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Practice Survey, which had over 5,000 participants, approximately 30% of US dietitians utilize telehealth with their clients. As reimbursement and legislative environments improve, platforms in this space become crucial for patient access to care. Industry experts only expect this percentage to increase over time.

The Healthie platform is utilized for student education in innovative areas of dietitian practice, such as telehealth and video visits, as well as in educational areas including charting and patient interaction. Students are evaluated on their ability to conduct consultations with standardized patients through in-person and video sessions, then create a comprehensive chart and plan for the patients with Healthie documentation tools and ADIME notes. 

Students are given full background information on their standardized patients, which includes visual food logs taken via Healthie’s mobile app, as well as the opportunity to provide feedback on dietary intake. In addition to these background items, students are able to set goals with the standardized patients and create long-term follow up plans for later use. 

For more information about the Healthie platform or to find out more about our academic and clinically-oriented programs, you can reach us at hello@gethealthie.com.  

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