Meet Kathy Levin and Micca Donohoo of NiCHE Nutrition

We love sharing the stories of the providers who use Healthie to help their businesses grow. Meet Kathy Levin, RD, CDE, LD, and Micca Donohoo, MS, RD, LD!  They have their own private practice called NiCHE Nutrition & Health Educators.

Recently, NiCHE Nutrition launched a new 6-month coaching program called “The Amazing You” Transformation Program. In this program, Kathy and Micca provide frequent, individualized support for their clients with additional telehealth assistance to aid their clients in reaching their nutrition goals. These personalized sessions provide support and accountability that so many people crave when trying to make a permanent nutrition or health change. In this program, Micca and Kathy also include the Healthie App to provide the client with a “dietitian in your pocket” experience.

We were so fortunate to connect with Kathy and Micca. Hear about their experiences in private practice and what advice they have to share!


Healthie: Tell us all about NiCHE Nutrition & Health Educators. What is your approach to care?
We were both dietitians working in a traditional healthcare setting for years. Often times, there were large gaps between our sessions and we could see this was a barrier to their success. We knew that there had to be a better way. We could see that consistent support and accountability were important for our clients to achieve their health transformation. Our goal was to continue to work with our clients using a non-diet approach, making their nutrition and health changes “smarter not harder” and help them be accountable while providing support every step of the way on their health journey. Not only do we want to be their coach but, we also want to be their biggest cheerleader.


Healthie: I heard you are offering a special New Year’s Program! What are your thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions?
Resolutions are usually more outcome focused without a clear-cut path to getting there. They are often very broad (and for many too lofty!) which can invoke a sense of discomfort making them unsustainable. We believe in transformations. Transformations involve smaller, more focused, and directed changes with a specific plan. These changes are achievable and promote confidence and accomplishment so it is sustainable for life. We believe nutrition health changes are more like a “marathon” than a “sprint”.


Healthie: What is your favorite part of your career?
Micca: I love being able to help my clients see the amazing that they truly are and be part of that process. It is so rewarding to see them making small changes, improving their nutrition and health and still see that they can participate in life. Personally, I love having work/life balance. This was something that was lacking for me prior to going into private practice and now I have more time for my health, family, and friends. It’s also pretty awesome to own a business with your friend where the “sky is the limit”.

Kathy: My first love is empowering clients to realize that they really are the ones in charge of their nutrition and health by helping them make “baby steps” to their ultimate health goal. It’s so easy for people to beat up on themselves for what they perceive to be failures. I like to be that judgment-free zone that they feel safe to not be “perfect” in. One of my favorite sayings is that it is about progress, not perfection. Also, I love being my own boss with my business partner. Every day is a new adventure!


Healthie: What advice do you have for dietetic students just graduating / completing their internships?
Micca: Get your feet wet in a clinical setting. No matter what direction you decide to go, having a clinical foundation will be a tremendous asset to build your career from.

Kathy: Always keep learning. There are so many opportunities that are out there for RDNs. Start with one and grow over time. I worked in one health care system for 25 years. I had many different roles and specialties. I realized my dream job in the past year by jumping into the private practice. Who knows what next adventure I will find. Lastly, I would say always remember what it felt like when you were a student when you work with other students. It is so important that we mentor new RDNs and provide guidance without judgment.


Healthie: How do you think technology is changing the way dietitians are practicing care?
Technology has provided a much better way of communicating health information. No longer do dietitians need a physical chart to have the latest healthcare information for a session. We believe that technology is making dietitians more powerful by them accessible in a variety of settings. Technology has made it so no longer do you have to drive to an office or schedule an appointment within traditional business hours. This is a tremendous step to getting more people working with dietitians. The possibilities are endless for dietitians as technology continues to expand.


Healthie: Why are you excited about using Healthie?
We love being able to give clients the opportunity to have a “dietitian in your pocket”. Our clients love that we can be engaged with them every single day, providing instant feedback and support when needed. Healthie is the support and accountability piece that is lacking in a traditional office visit and it truly helps to make our actual sessions more productive.

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