Why Providers Should Be Focusing On Patient Experience

The saying, “the customer is always right,” carries weight whether you’re in the food service industry, retail, technology, and so on. While other industries are focusing on the customer, how much weight does patient experience have in the world of healthcare? Apparently, not much. A recent study by The Beryl Institute revealed that only 43% of healthcare practices ranked patient satisfaction in their top three priorities in the coming years. While healthcare is not in its nature overly similar to many other industries, the lack thereof motivation to improve patient experience should not be an aggravating statistic, but a call to action.

So, how are other healthcare companies staying ahead of the curve in patient experience? The answer is simple: they provide telehealth.  With telehealth today, appointments can be booked online, patients can message securely with their provider at their own convenience, and check-ins can be made via video conference, saving both the provider and patient time and money. And so far, patients are embracing this tech trend whole-heartedly: Over 50 million Americans reported that they would switch providers to have access to virtual healthcare. This attention to patient experience in the healthcare industry is going to be a game-changer.

Telehealth offers a number of proven benefits to both the patient and the provider. It allows for patients to save on items such as commuting cost and time spent waiting in a practice office to see a healthcare provider. Telehealth allows for improved care and better patient satisfaction. Systems such as on-hand messaging and short video chats allow for patients to become more engaged in their treatment and reach more positive outcomes as a result.

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