5 Exclusive Benefits Of Using Telehealth In Your Private Practice

One of 2017’s top tech trends is swiftly making its mark in the world of nutritional care – and we couldn’t be happier! Telehealth is here and gaining traction fast. The 2017 study conducted by American Well shows that 50 million Americans would switch healthcare providers to have access to video check-ins. That’s up dramatically from 2015, when only 17 million touted that same interest.

Why this sudden change? Simply put: patients are catching on. Telehealth is becoming more of an option for many different kinds of healthcare providers and their patients now know they can look for it.

Here are 5 Exclusive Benefits Of Using Telehealth In Your Private Practice:


1. Seamless and real-time communication

Now, this may vary depending on which type of telehealth options you’re interested in including at your practice, but because of the virtual connection, it is a lot easier to keep the conversation going. Giving your client a method to continue communicating with you will make it easier to connect as needed and continue to build your relationship. With Healthie, part of our platform includes a HIPAA compliant messaging system to provide a place of contact whenever it’s needed.

2. Brief Video Check-ins

Video Check-ins are no-doubt the cornerstone of telehealth. Just because you offer virtual check-ins does not mean you’ll ever have to give up the in-person side of your practice. These brief video sessions will allow you to meet with your client without requiring them to leave home. Because of this ease and flexibility, video sessions can be shorter, squeezed in more frequently, and be held wherever you have access to wifi!

3. Between-Session Support

Telehealth allows for more support. That virtual connection provides a channel for more frequent and actually, deeper connection. Often we’ve seen nutrition professionals schedule telehealth sessions between in-person appointments as a way to further support the clients who need additional attention. With Healthie, between-session support can be provided easily by checking in on your client’s photo food tracking through the week. This additional engagement builds your relationship with your clients faster and helps keep them on track.

4. Fewer No-Shows

With telehealth, you and your clients have greater communication and no commute to come in for a visit – that means no excuses for no-show clients! Because of its ease, convenience, and often shorter session times, telehealth makes it possible for more clients to meet with you.

5. Higher retention

Telehealth is shown to increase client engagement. When your clients are staying on track, they’re seeing results faster than ever. This all leads to increased satisfaction and a better retention. This will keep existing clients working with you, booking appointments week after week.

Looking for more information on how you can incorporate telehealth into your care? Schedule your demo today!

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