Using Healthie to Meet New Clients

In private practice, sometimes one of the biggest challenges is maintaining your marketing and advertising efforts to continue meeting new clients. If you’re using Healthie, it doesn’t have to be so difficult! We’re going to share with you a few quick and easy ways to use Healthie to meet new clients with fast and easy marketing tips!

1. Advertise on Instagram.

Instagram is a great place to advertise your practice. Among everything else you post, whether you’re sharing motivational quotes, healthy recipes, or even picture of yourself with friends and family living a healthy lifestyle, a direct advertisement won’t bug your followers, but remind them of your practice.

With Healthie’s client-facing app, you’ve got just one more tool to bring in new clients – why not show it off? We wanted to take the leg-work out of it for you and created a few Instagram-ready graphics!

Feel free to copy these pictures on your phone and share them on Instagram!


2. Create a Healthie Concierge package for clients to buy.

One way to market Healthie for your practice may be in selling the client-app as an additional service. This addition will not only directly bring in revenue for your practice, but also highlight this feature to bring attention to it as an added help.

You can do this by going to “Client Packages” and creating a new package at the bottom of your page. If you’d like to use our example above, we invite you to it!

3. Start off strong with a proud announcement and reminder in your newsletters!

It’s a great idea to use Healthie as an added feature for your existing services and offerings. Promoting items such as the client app or how other clients using Healthie are enjoying their experience will bring other clients in who are interested in learning more. Keep the chatter going and have fun with this side promotion.

One way to do this is by including Healthie in your newsletters. When you’re short on announcements and want added content to continue promoting your practice, a quick few lines about how you’ve been using Healthie with your clients is just the thing.

Looking for more promotional tips on how to make the most of Healthie at your practice? Let us know at hello@gethealthie.com!

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