Private Practice Website Essentials: The Must-Have Information to List Online

Whether you’re new to private practice or have been in the industry for years, nowadays, your website is where first impressions are made. No matter what your site looks like, having the right information in easy to locate places will go a long way in making that connection with your clients.

Today, we’re sharing some web design secrets – find out where your clients are looking for your information and see how you can make it easiest to connect.

Here’s your private practice website essentials checklist:

Home / Main Page

On your home page, you might include a milieu of information – we’ve seen everything from blog posts, to services, to just picture displays. Your main page can include links and basic information, but know unless you are listing your contact information in the footer of your page, it may not be the most intuitive place to look!

Including basic contact information in the footer or header of your main page is a great idea & will make it very easy for clients to find your contact information quickly. The body of your main page can be a great place for blog posts, introductions, promotions, and so on. It’s a place to show your practice’s personality.

About Me

While you may not require an “About Me” page, it is incredibly helpful to have. When someone goes to your site looking specifically to learn more about you, why not make it easy for them to learn?

Here are some good things to include on this page:

  • Your professional name and credentials
  • A photo of yourself
  • Your education and background
  • Interesting experiences and publications
  • Your food philosophy and/or approach to counseling

Sharing your “Food Philosophy” is a very popular item on private practice websites and it’s always a good thing to include. It may be an item to include with your “About Me” or in your services page.

Keep in mind, a good “About Me” page is concise, but captures a brief glimpse of your professional career.

Services or “Work with Me”

Make it easy for clients to learn more about your private practice by showing off your services. While it’s up to you whether you’d like to include your prices on your website, this page is where you share as much information as you feel comfortable with about your services. If you’ve created client packages, include them here!

Pro Tip: Let clients purchase your packaged services right from your website with Healthie! When your website is integrated with this platform, your clients can purchase a package and book their appointment from openings in your calendar all at once and even fill out their intake forms before they meet with you. This automation makes connecting with clients fast and easy.


A contact page will help connect you with clients faster than any other page. It is the most essential to have the right information listed here.

Including the follow information in a very visible location:

  • Address or appropriate location of your practice. If your practice is 100% virtual, you may want to include information about where you’re based and states you are able to see clients in.
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Blog, News, and/or Resources

If you have a blog, recipe collection, practice newsfeed, or collection of resources, you may want to nearly arrange those into one place on your website. If you don’t have anything like this on your website yet, this is a great thing to create as a means of driving traffic to your website.

This page or section of your website will be for adding new content or resources and act as a reason for people to return to your website again and again in order keep learning more from your expertise.


If you’ve got them, flaunt them! A testimonial page is a great place to include quotes and positive stories from past clients. Always talk with client before including any information and have them sign a release form before you post anything online. (If you need a release form, we have templates!) More often than not, happy clients will be more than responsive to sharing their experience or a positive quote to help you along.


Looking for more help with your website? Let us know at hello@gethealthie.com.

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