12 Tips of Healthie


We’re sharing our 12 favorite ideas to celebrate 12 days of Healthie, and gear us up for the holidays!


Private Practice Tip #12: Reward successful client behaviors and not just accomplishments. If your client tracks their metrics every day for a week, reinforce that behavior! And not only milestone achievements. See more on rewards here! 


Private Practice Tip #11: Create monthly packages to give your clients the option to sign up for a month at a time rather than individual sessions. This will keep your clients committed, strengthen relationships, and won’t tie price to an individual session. This means cancelations or no-show will not affect the price they pay. Check out our example packages! 


Private Practice Tip #10: Use social media to market your practice! Whether you have a Twitter account, a Pinterest page, or are snapping photos for your Instagram, posting regularly to share your expertise will give new clients all the more reason to seek out your services! Looking to get started, check out our blog post! 


Private Practice Tip #9: Charge a small fee such as $25 for a short assessment phone call. An affordable call will give your new client a taste of your services yet is just enough to only draw in clients who are serious about working with you. See more strategies like this one here! 


Private Practice Tip #8: Looking for a new way to connect with clients? Initiate a weekly newsletter this holiday season! This is a great place to advertise upcoming events you’re hosting, new services you’re offering, or even just fun holiday health tips! See more on newsletters with our blog post! 


Private Practice Tip #7: Utilize technology for scheduling! Using an online scheduler makes it easy for clients to book on their own and receive automatic appointment reminders. This automation will save you time, enhance theclients’s experience and cut down on cancellations and no-shows! See more on automation here! 


Private Practice Tip #6: Initiate a cancelation policy. Set down rules for your practice. Though this may seem harsh, it will help cut down on last-minute cancelations and no-shows and protect your billable hours. Cancelation policies also will help to spare any hurt feelings between you or your client in the long run! Learn more about cancellation policies! 


Private Practice Tip #5: Keep business cards on hand! Make sharing your contact information easy and personal with the classic ink & paper. Bring cards when you meet with potential referral partners and carry them with you in case you happen to meet a great potential client. See what goes into creating your own business card now!


Private Practice Tip #4: Have you ever considered launching an online ad for your practice? Online ads can be especially effective for connecting with new clients. Ads on platforms such as Facebook can be a worthwhile investment because you can target ads directly to your ideal client at the budget you want to spend. Learn how to set up your own Facebook Ad! 

3Private Practice Tip #3: Are you looking a way to connect with more clients? Consider establishing a referral partnership with someone who is also interested in helping your target client. On example of a good referral partner for your practice may include local gyms or yoga studios. Read more on referral partnerships now!

2Private Practice Tip #2: 2017 is a great time to expand upon your service offerings. Have you thought about diving into Corporate Wellness? Creating a corporate wellness offering at your private practice can be an excellent opportunity for not only growth but a chance to promote wellness in a whole new way. See how you can get started!

1Private Practice Tip #1: Bring Telehealth into your private practice! With this exciting development in the nutrition counseling community, you are able to conduct your practice virtually, so that you can meet more clients, more frequently, to develop your client-provider relationship in a new way. Telehealth doesn’t need to replace your in-office sessions, but can act as an added service to help keep clients on track! Learn more about Telehealth-

Looking for more tips and tricks? We love to share our business strategies whenever we can! Reach out to us at hello@gethealthie.com!

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