5 Ways To Make Connections On Social Media

Marketing your private practice isn’t easy. It takes time, know-how, and a bit of bravery to put yourself out there. But you’ve taken the jump into social media! Maybe you signed up for Instagram, you have a Twitter handle, and started your blog. But how do you make connections on social media and ensure your followers stay engaged?

Today, we’re sharing how you can make genuine connections with your readers and followers. After all, this connection is essential to forge the way to meet new clients.

Here are 5 ways to make connections on social media:

1. Be a Cheerleader

If you’re trying to generate interest in your social media platforms, take an interest in your readership. Cheer your following on. Tag people in your posts when they do something interesting or exciting.  You can spike interest in your posts by appealing to your followers on a personal level.

2. Connect With Influencers

Follow the numbers. The nutrition and wellness professionals with the largest followings have clearly developed effective strategies for garnering the attention of prospects. Talk to these colleagues. See if they’re available for a phone call or interview.

Then, ask yourself:

  • How does this person attract such a large scale of readers?
  • How does the quality of my material rank against his or hers?
  • What can I offer uniquely to my readership?

Identify clear answers to these questions to be more aware of what you bring to the table.

3. Share Your Personality

Establish rapport with your community. Be natural and share your individuality. People respond better to your material if they feel like they know the individual behind the writing.

Search for a balance between personal expressiveness and refinement. While readers might enjoy your interpersonal embellishments, they want value added to their time spent reading your work. Be interesting and be insightful.

4. What Goes Around Comes Around

Consider the kinds of impression you give your readers. Are you excessively critical? Do you make wishy-washy or vapid recommendations? Your readers’ impression of you will determine whether or not they take you seriously when reading your posts on social media.

Additionally, promote the work of others you admire to help foster good relationships. Perhaps share healthy recipes you like from others, and some will reciprocate by sharing your content in the future.

On the other hand, it’s okay to respectfully speak out if you disagree with someone else’s point of view, but going against the grain or writing critically against another’s work can lead to pushback from some colleagues. Stay true to yourself, but be respectful at the same time.

5. Create Original Content

One sure fire way to make your platform stand out is to be more than a curator, but also a creator! Incorporate materials you admire from others into your own framework of ideas in order to create something new. Originality keeps your readers interested and might even inspire them. It will also likely serve as your most effective means of gaining new viewership!


Tell us: Which of these 5 tips to make connections on social media will you start implementing today?

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