Promotional Strategies That Build Client Relationships

A deal or promotion can act as a great attraction to lure in that thrifty or hesitant client, but with that said, selling your services at a discount to keep clients is never a fun solution. So today, we will be sharing a few tips and techniques into how to make the most out of your promotions to best benefit your private practice. Check out our examples and see the promotional strategies that build relationships with new clients.

Here are 3 promotional strategies that build relationships with new clients:


Friends & Family Promo Codes

Limited promotions, with special promo codes, can be a great option to offer a sale price to a select group of people, while encouraging word-of-mouth referrals. You can easily get the word out to all of your existing clients via email. You can streamline the process with free mailing apps such as MailChimp. Promotional ads like the one pictured (left) are a great eye catching and professional way to share your promotion and get people talking. Clients you’ve worked with in the past or are currently working with may decide to purchase more for themselves or share the code with a relative or friend looking to get started on nutritional counseling.

Healthie offers a quick and easy promo code feature that allows your clients to enter the code when they purchase a package or session online. With Healthie, you can manage promo codes right alongside other packages and service offers.

Join With a Friend

Another great promotion that benefits your practice is a “Join with a Friend and Save X% off Each” deal. This type of discount works great for group classes or events. It encourages clients to reach out and bring along a friend to participate. This allows you to make new connections with future prospective clients.

The events where this promotion will be most beneficial may be a cooking class, yoga session, or a nutrition education class where you can share your expertise and give attendees a reason to seek out your counseling services. Don’t forget to pack some extra business cards or practice brochures too!

Buy in Bulk

Outside of promotions and short-term deals, there is another sale opportunity that you can continue year-round to encourage longer-lasting relationships with clients. It’s offering discounted prices for buying multiple months of counseling at a time. For examples, check out our sample client packages created with Healthie!

Should I Post Prices On My Website? - The Healthie Blog

(Note: Prices listed are arbitrary and listed only for example purposes.)

A client may compare prices of 1-2 sessions, but overall, it makes financial sense to purchase a month-long plan. For all of the “extras” provided, clients have more of a reason to sign up for a month of counseling.

Purchasing a group of sessions will bolster your provider/client relationship. First, because you will work together for a longer period of time. Also, this will encourage your clients to continue counseling for a longer period of time. It’s really a win-win!


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