What Insurance Companies Should You Get Credentialed With?


When you’re new to the insurance game, you might feel like you’re in over your head. Part of that might be because, in the abstract, insurance sounds like this large looming entity. Getting credentialed can be a long process – taking a few months even at a time, so that is why today we are discussing how to figure out which insurance companies you should become an in-network provider with to best support and grow your private practice.

First, the answer is not universal. There is not a definite list of insurance companies that will be the best support every private practice. It will all depend on your target clientele, your region, and the goals of your practice. Instead, we’re going to develop some strategies to find which insurance companies will best support your practice’s goals.

Think quality and not quantity. 

While it might sound like a great idea to become an in-network provider with every insurance company you know of, credentialing can be a long and at times frustrating process. Focus on just a few at a time. This will keep you from getting overwhelmed and you’ll be able to keep track of where you are in the process with each company.

Before you get started, consider reaching out to some of your current clients that you are comfortable with and talk to them about what you are planning. They may be happy to share what insurance companies they are currently with to give you a few examples of companies to become an in-network provider with. Another set of people who may be able to recommend which insurance companies will best support your practice are referral partners such as physicians who have given you referrals in the past. They will most likely know which insurance companies are the most popular and used by your target clients. It never hurts to check out the websites of other dietitians or nutrition professionals in the area. A little market research! See who other industry professionals have become an in-network provider with. They may be a good reference point for your own business.

Once you’ve gathered up a few names of companies, you’re ready to start working on your CAQH. But before that, you’ll want to do just a little bit of research. Check first to see which of those companies currently have open panels and are looking to take on new in-network providers and also, make sure that nutritional counseling is something that the insurance company covers. Often you can check this somewhat quickly with a google search on their policies surrounding nutritional care or a quick phone call.

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