5 Things You May Not Know About Healthie’s Features

If you’re new to Healthie, you may still be discovering all of the valuable features we offer. Since there’s a vast array of capabilities, we want to make sure some of our features don’t fall through the cracks. Today, we’re sharing 5 things you may not know about Healthie’s features…

Here are 5 things you may not know about Healthie:

1. Create Discount or Promo Codes

Promo codes are a great way to boost business and promote your private practice. Run deals, such as 25% off a new client package, and give new clients one more reason to jump on board with you.

We love to help you market your practice and connect with new clients. By creating promo codes, you can offer unique discounts for various occasions, encouraging clients to commit to working with you right away. 5 Things You May Not Know About Healthie's Features - The Healthie Blog

2. Customize Automated Email Messages

We want to simplify your workflow and optimize client engagement. That’s why we’ve created automated email messages that you can customize to provide a unique experience for your clients.

Here are a few examples of customizable automated email messages you can send your clients:

  • New client welcome message
  • Appointment reminders and confirmations
  • Package purchased confirmation
  • Reminder message to complete activities

Clients will see your business name as the sender. If a client replies to an automated email, you can easily respond as you would to a normal email thread.

3. Automate Monthly Subscriptions to Improve Your Provider/Client Relationship

We understand that your relationships with clients last much longer than a handful of sessions here and there. That’s why we offer a way to set up a monthly billing subscription.

This way, your clients are billed once per month, so you can worry less about completed payments and do what you do best – work with your clients!

You can set up this function by creating a client package and setting the billing to “Monthly.”

5 Things You May Not Know About Healthie's Features - The Healthie Blog

4. Select and Customize Metrics Your Clients Track

We recognize that every client is unique, so we don’t expect your treatment plan to be the same for each client. We let you choose what metrics your clients can track so you can ensure they  receive care customized to their needs.

Choose what tracking metrics you want available to all clients by selecting “Entries” under your main drop down menu (under your profile picture in the top right corner). To specify what an individual client tracks, navigate to their own individual client profile, select “Actions,” and then, “Settings.”

Additionally, you can add completely customized metrics, such as glasses of water consumed per day, hours of sleep, or any other metric of your choice.

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5. Save Time With Auto-Filling for Forms, Credit Card, and Insurance Information

We know that more productive you are, the more valuable your time becomes. That’s why we want to make administrative tasks, like scheduling and billing, take as little time as possible. We’ve included an auto-filling function to expedite your form completion, including insurance forms, Superbills, and CMS 1500 forms.

This means that when your client enters their information once, you will never have to enter it again. This allows for fast, easy billing with just a click of the button.

Did you know about these Healthie features?

We love hearing about your favorite features, and of course, we are here to show you around if you ever need more guidance!

If you haven’t had a full walkthrough of Healthie yet, and are curious about all our other features, we can’t wait to meet you!

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