RD Marketing: Automated Email Campaigns with Wix


Off of our introduction to MailChimp Automated Emails, we realized not everyone needs to join yet another platform to manage to start a marketing campaign. If you are using Wix to create your nutrition professional website, you may want to instead take advantage of Wix’s Automated Email Campaigns!

Wix automated emails are made easy with a few simple steps! Let’s go through those now so we can navigate how this might apply to RDs.

Step 1: Choose your Automation. You can choose more than one. To start though, “Welcome Your New Site Members” or “Keep in Touch with Your Site Members” are good launching points. In both, you’re communicating with people who have been to your site and enticing them to return (or possibly embark on a call to action!)



Step 2: Choose Your Timing. When would you like this email sent out? What is going to trigger it?  You can edit your preferences here.


Step 3: Personalize your message! We highly recommend that you personalize this message as much as possible. Show off that you’re a private practice! While this email is for anyone X number of days after visiting your site, you can do a lot more than the suggested text (shown below!)


We recommend supplying a “Call to action” by inviting the reader to do something. Check out our example in the picture below. We include branding for “Awesome RD,” a prompt, “Join Us this November!” and a button that reads “Join Now” (cut off)  – there is minimal text. This may be a bit too minimal, but minimal is good. For this example, we changed the style, inserted a photo to include the branding, and changed the email content from a text box to a “mixed” box with a photograph on one side and a short paragraph and button on the other! These few quick and easy changes made a BIG difference! Don’t be afraid to take the leap and make several emails like this one!


As for the content, what should go into your email? Sharing very similar content in email after email is still very effective. (In fact, sending out the same email week after week, mixed in with a few others can be helpful!) Focusing on different features but having a lot of the same quick overview details will keep your strategy from feeling too annoying but will allow for someone who hasn’t opened any past emails not to be left out or missing something when they open the next.

Pro Tip: One of the easiest ways to make your email header pop is to create one on Canva.com! Check out their Email Header template, choose from free images and piece together a header that will really pop! It’s an easy and effective way to show off your brand.

Now that you’ve created your emails, start sending them out! S We suggest keeping a calendar with this system so you can keep track of when you’re sending out emails and which emails you’re sending out!

Need more help with automated emails? We’re happy to jump in! Reach out to us in the comments below or at hello@gethealthie!

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