Marketing for Your Practice: 3 Tips from Margie Geiser


Recently, the Healthie team sat down to chat with Margie Geiser, founder of MEG-Enterprises. Margie is both a dietitian and a business coach who now specializes in helping dietitians to not only grow their private practices but learn how to run a business. Margie is an entrepreneurial genius with more than a few tips to share on how you can really make your dietetic private practice stand out. Today, we’re looking at three tips from Margie that will step up your practice.

1. Freebies will make you money.

This may sound backward, but trust in Margie – offering visitors who’ve stumbled onto your site a freebie (or a “lead magnet”) later pays off when that visitor decides to become a client. In Margie’s blog post, “Why You Should Offer A Lead Magnet to Your Website Visitors,” she explores how free offers will add a new audience for your newsletter. Your newsletter over the course of weeks will let that visitor get to know you and build up trust. This will ultimately be what makes them convert from causal website visitor to client. This freebie is not a free consult. It’s an ebook, a recipe, or a low-cost (or free) webinar. Margie’s solution is about raising your fees, not lowering them. A lead magnet can lead to potential clients trusting your expertise, valuing your knowledge, and as a result, be willing to pay more to work with you.

2. Being specific about what you’re looking for in an ideal client will help you get more non-specific clients.

When explaining what you do, be sure to be as specific as possible about the problem you’re combatting as well as the solution. In Margie’s blog post, “Solutions Sell: How to Get More Clients,” she says compare, “I work with people with diabetes who want to know what to eat” to “I work with toddlers newly diagnosed with diabetes and their families, to help them learn how to live with diabetes without fear and anxiety.”  In the second example, the wording is specific. It not only speaks to the client you hope to work with but the problem you’re offering a solution to. This specific wording will speak to anyone who has that problem and helps you to collect more clients!

3. Make your website appeal to millennials.

Your online presence matters to millennials. Margie shares in her blog post, “Optimizing Your Website For Marketing to Millennials” that one of the ways to appeal to millennials is through pull-marketing. In this branch of marketing social media is your way in. According to Margie, the vast majority of millennials rely on the opinions of friends and family before making a decision to make a purchase. This means that getting into word-of-mouth is a top priority. Millennials get to know you through live-streaming, user-created content, and your own original posts on social media.


screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-4-14-19-pm-214x300If you like what you’re hearing, check out more on Margie’s blog at MEG-Enterprises! It is full of advice and tips specifically for nutrition professionals. Also be sure to check out her book Just Jump where Margie talks business as it applies to dietitians. There is no other book quite like it that specifically addresses the business needs of nutrition professionals. In this book, she speaks directly to you. She avoids the nuts and bolts and gets to the heart of what you need to know about growing the business end of your private practice.

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