Private Practice Essentials: Business Cards 101

Business cards may not necessarily be the first thing you think of when putting together your business, but they are incredibly useful for nutrition and wellness professionals at any stage of practice.

Between conferences, local Academy meetings, and initial consultations, handing out business cards is an easy way for your potential clients and colleagues to get in touch with you.

Building your network and community is super important as you start and grow your practice, so we recommend making this small investment in cards.

So, what are the elements of a strong business card?

Here are the essentials your business cards need:

  • Your Contact Essentials: Your name, credentials, the name of your practice (ignore this if you’re using your name), email address, work phone and fax, and address (if you have one)
  • Your Specialty: If you’re an expert in bariatric nutrition counseling or have years of experience in clinical work, be sure to mention that. Declaring your specialization makes it easier for interested clients to reach out to you, but keep it as short as possible (the real estate is small!).
  • Next Appointment Reminder: Although this is completely optional, some choose to have this information on the back of their business cards. It’s an easy way to help your clients remember when their next meeting you. However, with Healthie, your clients will receive automated e-mail and text reminders already! 😉
  • 1-2 Relevant Images: Your company logo, a picture of produce, or even a photo of you look great on a business card. However, you shouldn’t be adding more than 1-2 images. Business cards are small, so you don’t want to overcrowd it!
  • A Clean Layout: Organize and design your card so that it’s easy to read and has a clean feel. First impressions are everything, and your business card is a representation of you and your practice. A business card that’s too busy may not be appealing to potential clients.

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