How to Share Client Testimonials On Your Website

We know you’ve made an impact on your clients, so they’re excited to provide you with a raving testimonial about your services. Awesome! Now, you need to know how to share client testimonials on your website in the proper way.

It’s simple: get written permission!

Given HIPAA regulations, you want to make sure that your client has given you authorization to publicly display information about them. A simple disclaimer will generally do the trick. We provided an example waiver form for you to use below.

Why should you obtain client testimonials? 

Effective client testimonials are an excellent selling point for prospective clients. After all, when someone reads what a happy client has to say about working with you, they’ll be more likely to book their initial consultation.

Once your clients provide permission, these precautions are how to share client testimonials to protect their privacy:

  1. Obscure the details. Avoid using any identifying information. Instead, use your client’s initials or just their first name. For example, refer to your client is “J.M.,” “Jessica M.,” or simply “Anonymous.”
  2. Be sure photos remain anonymous, unless explicit permission is given. We suggest blurring faces in before and after pictures.
  3. Specify how you will be using your client’s testimonial. Will it be in all of your marketing materials? Solely on your website? Providing this information to your clients is a good idea so they are not surprised if they see their name (if permission granted) or quote on social media or your website.

In Healthie, you can build a testimonial release form, similar to the one available for download below, using the Forms function. Then, you can send this form to your client after you’ve been working together and your client has verbally provided a stellar testimonial.

Receiving positive testimonials from clients is one of the most gratifying parts of being in private practice. Be proud of this accomplishment!

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