The Global Food Security Act Passed (and why this is a good thing)!

Today is a victory for all of the supporters who helped push the Global Food Security Act through congress. This important piece of legislation passed through both the US House and Senate with bipartisan support from politicians, private sector partners, and hardworking grassroots activists alike.

In a nutshell, the bill has three objectives:

  1. It improves US food security programs (and in turn global food security) and general nutrition by guaranteeing 2 years of funding for America’s food security investment, which supports smallholders and women farmers as they participate in Feed the Future, a program that already helps 7 million small scale farmers cultivate food and is responsible for the nutrition of 12.5 million children.
  2. The law allocates two years of funding for International Disaster Assistance, to aid countries experiencing the devastation of natural or manmade disasters.
  3. The act improves coordination between various federal agencies that oversee global food security by ensuring they share information with one another and regularly provide Congress with transparency and updates.

NGOs and activists have been lobbying for the bill for over two years now and after rallying public opinion behind their cause, they were able to witness their efforts come to fruition today. This has incredible implications for the availability of nutritious fruits & vegetables, and also reduces food insecurity in the US, which believe it or not, is still an incredibly pertinent problem in this country.

Check out the link below to learn more! 


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