Private Practice & Small Business Website Design Strategies

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Are you looking to build your own small business website as a way to promote your business and wellness brand? Confused about where to start?

Or, are you ready to re-design and upgrade the website you’ve had for years?

If the answer to these questions is yes, read on to learn why it’s important to upgrade your small business website.

Keep these quick tips on design and layout in mind for your small business website:

1. Your small business website is your first impression

Having a strong one can woo a prospective client, and having an outdated or unappealing website can quickly turn someone away. The good news is that these days, building or upgrading your website design is easier and faster than ever.

2. You can create a small business website on your own

Many website builders are “easy enough” to figure out, even for a newbie. We suggest blocking off a few hours, grabbing a glass of vino (or coconut water =)) and getting to work. Many of them offer high levels of customer support if you pick a premium plan.

  • SquareSpace: Beautiful, simple, and sleek layouts for you to easily customize and adopt
  • Weebly: Very similar to SquareSpace, Home of the “drag and drop” approach to website creation
  • WordPress: The “Original” website builder with the largest selection of templates & design options to choose from
  • WixQuickly becoming a favorite among nutrition and wellness professionals for it’s easy to use, drag and drop nature.

However, your time is valuable, and if you have limited time (or computer skills) then there are many experts out there to outsource the project to. Hiring a web designer can also be an investment you make down-the-road, when you’re ready to take your website (and branding) to the next level.

3. Less is more when it comes to web design

  • Long gone are the days when prospective clients will spend hours scrolling through a single website. The average consumer spends mere seconds perusing a website before making a purchasing decision, or moving onto the next one.
  • Your website should be simple and effective in your language, images, and navigation. Remove unnecessary clutter.
  • Use engaging and compelling words to describe your background and your approach.

4. Showcase a consistent brand and message

  • What do you want to convey to your prospective clientsProofread the text on your website to be sure each and every section is consistent with what your business stands for.
  • Who is your ideal client? Knowing your specialities and the demographics of your ideal clientele are important when building a website. This may directly impact the layout, color scheme, and details, all the way down to the size of font you use on intake forms! Planning in advance can save you time and work down the road.

5. Make it easy for a prospective client to contact you

  • Prominently display your preferred method of contact (e-mail address, phone number, Healthie calendar for booking) on on your website.
  • Make your newsletter sign up clear. Put it on the home page, as well as several other places throughout your website!

At the end of the day, your small business website is one of the main tools prospective clients will use to find, contact and book with you. Having a website that is easy to navigate and speaks to your ideal client is an essential part of your private practice. Whether you build your own small business website, or hire a professional, incorporate these tips to ensure your site converts leads into paying clients.

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