New Features: Expanded Payments Reports, Printable Intake Forms, and More

We have released several updates over the last couple of weeks to share with you. Our goal is to continually improve Healthie to best serve you and your business.

Here’s what’s new in Healthie:

  1. More Information In Your Payments Report

There is now more information available in your Payments Report to help you better track the financial state of your business.

Now, you will be able to:

1) See more payment-related data than was previously been available

2) Reconcile payments with bank transfers

3) More easily understand the data in the report

  1. Notifications to Clients Before Telehealth Appointments

Five minutes before your scheduled telehealth appointments (through Healthie’s internal telehealth system or Zoom calls), your clients will now receive push notification and email reminders to reduce no shows and improve punctuality.

When your clients engage with the push notification, the iOS/Android Healthie app will open and the video chat will be loaded.

  1. Easier to Distinguish Between Synced Versus Non-Synced Appointments

Previously, when you synced your calendar in Healthie, it was hard to discern which appointments were synced versus non-synced appointments.

In the appointment details of synced appointments, you will now clearly see text that states it is a synced appointment from your outside calendar.

  1. Better Printed Intake Forms

Some clients have difficulty filling out their intake forms online. We’ve made changes to our intake forms, so you can print them for clients who prefer to complete their forms via paper and pen. This will be especially useful for brick and mortar practices serving an elderly population.

Just Generate a PDF (as seen in the image below) to print.

If you have any questions about these updates, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Healthie team!

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