Coming Soon: Healthie Updates

We have been hard at work behind the scenes making exciting changes to the Healthie platform. We want to ensure you have the best tools available to help you run your business. Many of these behind-the-scenes changes will help you do just that!

We’re excited to announce that the changes we’ve been working towards are now live!

Coming Soon: The New Healthie

Here’s what you can expect from these Healthie updates:

1. A Faster Platform

Healthie will run much faster across devices, which means you’ll save valuable time every week.

2. Increased Stability

We’ve re-configured Healthie’s underlying infrastructure to ensure improved stability across all devices.

3. More Intuitive Workflow

Home Page: The main left-hand navigation panel (with Home, Chat, etc.) will have an option to be collapsed so that it takes up less space. If you want to view the content of a page larger (like your calendar), just click the arrow to collapse.

Coming Soon: The New Healthie

Generating Reports: When downloading reports, like payment history or client information, you will be able to generate multiple reports with fewer clicks than before. You no longer will need to go back and forth between the Reports page and Generated Reports folder.

Now, a banner will appear at the top of your screen with a link to the Generated Reports folder. Click the link and you’ll navigate to the folder. You will be able to generate as many reports as you would like before navigating to the Generated Reports folder. (Note: Depending on the size of a report, it may take up to 30 minutes to generate.)

Charting: When charting for a client, clicking on the “back” button will bring you back to the charting menu, not the overview of your client’s profile.

Calendar Availability: It’s now more intuitive to set your calendar availability (Calendar >> More >> Set Weekly Availability). Click where you would like your availability to begin, hold down and drag until the time you would like your availability to end. Let us show you how!

Scheduling Appointments (for your clients only): The experience of scheduling an appointment has improved. Clients will now have a more intuitive experience to book an appointment with you within Healthie. They can book an appointment as if your calendar was embedded on your website.

Coming Soon: The New Healthie

Rearranged Packages In Menu (for your clients only): The “Packages” menu item was nested under “Billing,” but it is now always visible in the menu sidebar.  

Coming Soon: The New Healthie


Healthie is continually evolving. We are excited to share new updates that will help you support your clients in innovative ways.

If you have any questions about these updates, please reach out to the Healthie team at any time through our live chat or email us –


2 Responses

  1. Hi! When do these updates take effect? I just tested them out on a fake tester client account I have and don’t see the appointments update nor are the packages listed as a separate tab on the left hand side. Tried on both the mobile app and via laptop. Thanks.

    1. Hi Khara,

      These updates are now live! Please let us know if you don’t see some of these changes 🙂

      All the best,
      The Healthie team

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