Summer Updates to the Healthie Platform

Here at Healthie, we absolutely love helping our providers build the best businesses possible and develop close relationships with their clients, always going back to our core belief that more people need access to more nutritional care.  

After all, more nutritional care means a society with better healthcare outcomes.

We have been hard at work behind the scenes making some exciting changes to the Healthie platform, using YOUR feedback as our inspiration.

Today, Healthie includes all-in-one functionality that our providers need to effectively run their business and build relationships with clients, including:

  • Web and mobile apps for both providers and clients
  • Traditional EMR capabilities (Calendaring, Superbills, CMS 1500s, Charting, Intake Forms)
  • Telehealth & virtual visits tool for individual and group classes
  • A portal to share documents and message with clients
  • A built-in platform to run online courses
  • … and much more

Here’s what’s up next…

We are excited to announce that you’ll be seeing some big updates to the Healthie platform in the coming months! Specifically, we are:

  • Re-configuring Healthie’s underlying infrastructure that will enable Healthie to load 30-40% faster across devices
  • Upgrading core features, including:
    • Re-configuring Healthie’s calendar and booking system
    • Adding additional reporting fields to support business analysis
    • Adjusting our embeddable calendar and packages system to work seamlessly on mobile devices
    • Making it easier to update your account settings to be more intuitive to make Healthie work exactly how you’d like it to (and adjust settings like: notifications, time zones, colors, brand information)
    • Making it easier to add and remove clients from Groups and correspond with intake forms
    • Enhancing the capabilities of our education platform
    • An accessible intake form and charting template library
    • …and much, much more
  • Enhancing our mobile apps (iOS and Android)
    • Adding new features like Education and Charting (prioritizing this by popular demand!)
    • Updates to improve speed and stability
  • Designing new features!
    • Invoicing!!
    • ERA parsing and automating claim submission to support insurance-based businesses
    • API access and supporting documentation for our partners and organizations interested in building alongside Healthie
    • Tasks + To-do lists
  • Integrating with other tools that you use, including:
    • Meal Planning Apps
    • Health Risk Assessment Tools
    • Supplements Platforms
    • Coaching Academy Resources

Re-configuring Healthie’s underlying infrastructure will enable Healthie to load 30-40% faster across devices.

Healthie is CONSTANTLY evolving – we love speaking with you to hear about what’s working, what could improve, and what needs to change – this pushes us to design the best platform for your needs. If you have other ideas and suggestions, drop us a line!

The Importance Of Community At Healthie

Healthie is more than an EMR and Telehealth platform – we are a community. Our Healthie community – our providers, our partners, our team –  is on a collective mission to bring nutrition and wellness to the forefront of healthcare.

Here in New York City, our team includes dietitians, coaches, technologists, and individuals whose lives have been impacted by nutrition – people who have worked through eating disorders and have family members with heart disease. My parents struggled with weight loss for 25 years, lost 35 pounds each, and have kept it off for over 5 years – because they received nutritional care through a corporate wellness program.  

We are constantly fueled and motivated by YOUR stories, your successes, and your clients’ successes. We know that it’s *not easy* being a nutrition entrepreneur, and we are right there in the trenches alongside you.

Here are some ways to get involved with the Healthie community:

  • Join the Healthie Community Facebook Group: ask business questions and learn from others
  • Meet us at national and state conferences: stop by our booth and say hello!
  • Register for our webinars: taught by our Healthie providers, learn the fundamentals of starting a practice or marketing your business
  • Follow us on social media: we love sharing your content and seeing your updates 🙂
  • Partner with us: we forge partnerships with industry leaders
  • Book time with us: schedule a meeting – we love helping you grow your business and brainstorming with you

It’s truly rewarding and humbling to support private practices (shout-out to Charmaine Jones and Barbara Baron, two of Healthie’s first private practice RDs), bolster corporate wellness programs, provide new revenue streams to academic health clinics like Colorado State University, and launch initiatives in hospital systems, grocery stores, and nonprofits alike (Community Medical Centers – WIC) around the country.

We love being a part of your entrepreneurial journey – watching you grow businesses, celebrate client successes, and more.

Cheers to a wonderful future together,

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