2018 Is The Right Time

We know it’s tough to find time. Family needs, personal matters, job and school commitments, partner time, and no shortage of to-dos – from taxes to laundry.

But this is the time of year to step outside of the day-to-day and to think bigger. The holidays are all about checking your priorities and finding time for what matters in your life. Don’t forget to put your own hopes on that list.

It’s time to prioritize your desire to start your private practice. It’s time to make it happen. Not only for yourself, but also for the partner, friend, community member, coach, and counselor it will make you. It’s time to commit to something with long-term impact, the way you commit to your friends, family, and health.

We’re committing too. We’re committing to being your resource, to being your cheerleader, and to giving you every possible tool for success.

Let’s start together on January 3rd. We’re kicking off a business bootcamp┬áthat will enable you to launch your private practice. We’ll talk about everything from legal paperwork and practice setup to finding clients and needed tools. When this interactive bootcamp is over at the end of January, you will have launched your practice. Carve out a few hours, and you will have a new private practice of your own to start the year.

Join your peers and invest in your future. We hope to see you there!


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