Introducing a New Experience for Your Clients on Healthie

What makes Healthie so effective is that it helps providers and clients work together in one place. Soon, we’re making that even easier.

When your clients log into the Healthie site, they will see a different layout than before. We’ve updated the Healthie client dashboard to be easier to navigate and more comprehensive. Now, clients have one place that provides an overview of their health activities – like food logs, workouts, and goals.

Specifically, here is what’s different:

Introducing a New Experience for Your Clients on Healthie

1) Home Screen

Clients will log in and see a dashboard of their:

  • Food journal entries
  • Workout entries
  • “Healthies” (selfies)
  • Metrics
  • Goals

They’ll be able to easily view and add entries all in one place.

Introducing a New Experience for Your Clients on Healthie

2) Chat

For clients, the chat icon has moved from the top toolbar to the left main menu bar. The functionality is the same as before: clients can securely message with you, on both web and mobile.


Introducing Healthie to your Clients

Here is an overview of the Healthie client experience. Feel free to leverage this material as you speak about Healthie to your clients:

When you log in, you will see a left sidebar that will help you navigate around Healthie. It includes:

  • Your Homepage: This is where you can see of all of your activities, from food journal photos to workouts. Click on the tab of the entry you’d like to create. Then, you can manually add entries by clicking on the pink “Create Entry” button, while data from wearables like Fitbit will continue to automatically feed in (as long as it’s synced). When I comment on your entries with questions or feedback, this is where you will see my notes.
  • Chat: This is where you can send messages to me. You can send over questions or comments for me, and I will see them when I log in. Your chats are secure, so feel free to ask health or billing questions here.
  • Appointments: You can view your current appointments and book new appointments  here [if enabled by the provider]. To book a new appointment, click on the “Book an Appointment” tab, and then on the date you wish to schedule an appointment. You will receive an email confirmation, so you can add it to your calendar.
  • Documents: This is where you can view, add, and share documents – like blood work, recipes, educational handouts, and more. You can upload and share pdf, jpg, and png files. Hovering your mouse over the three dots under the Actions column will let you preview, download, edit, or delete documents.

  • Billing: Here, you can view your Superbills, previous payments, and packages available for purchase. To purchase a package, click on “Packages,” and pick the one you wish to buy.


We look forward to hearing your thoughts about this upgrade. If you have any comments, questions, or feedback, please let us know at Our goal is to continually make Healthie better – for you and for your clients.


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