Making Your Healthie Experience Even Better!

The Healthie team works hard every day to provide world-class, industry-leading technology for nutritional care. Today, we are excited to introduce several feature updates that will enhance the Healthie experience for both providers and their clients. These updates are just the first in a series of enhancements we are making to the Healthie platform.



We have re-imagined the Healthie calendar from the ground up to incorporate every feature that you will need to manage your schedule. This calendar is fast, easy-to-use, and modern. It includes integrations to Google / iCAL / Outlook, recurring appointments, weekly availability, booking appointments through a website, managing organizational calendar permissions, color coding, and more.

Healthie Calendar Experience


Through the “Chat” capability, now located on the main Healthie dashboard, you can check in with clients on a daily basis. You can do it on the go, whether on the web or on your mobile app (iOS or Android). Additionally, you can send message blasts to multiple clients at a time.

Healthie Messaging


There is now tracking and status information for your CMS 1500, Superbills, and credit card payments.

Healthie CMS 1500s


See it for yourself by logging in or by scheduling a demo.


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