New Features: Faster Booking, Shared Folders, and Complex Billing

Happy Monday! We’re excited to greet the new week with a number of new features to make it easier for all of you to manage your clients.

Here’s what’s new in Healthie:

1) It’s Easier to Book a New Client

Most useful for: Everyone!

In the past, it was a two-step process to book a new client: first, you added the client, and then, you booked an appointment with her on your calendar. Now, they’ve been combined, to save you a step! When you “create an appointment,” you can add a new client right there (see photo above).


2) You Can Share Document Folders

Most useful for: Group Practices and Enterprises

There are many times when you may want to share documents or document folders. For example, you and other providers in your group practice may want to have a shared library of workbooks or guides. Or, you may be working with a client who has other nutrition or wellness providers, and she may want to have all of her documents in one place. Now, this is possible!

Members of your organization can now share folders and move documents into folders that they don’t own. And you can set user permissions, so there are no HIPAA compliance issues.

3) Organizations Can Have Multiple Billing Providers

Most useful for: Large Practices and Enterprises

There are times when you need to have more than one billing provider. This can occur when your organization has changed its corporate structure, but insurance providers have not yet updated your information, so you need to use both simultaneously. Or, it can happen if your company is made up of multiple corporate entities and needs to be billed that way.

Now, this is possible in Healthie. Organizations can now have multiple billing provider profiles in the tool and easily toggle between them.

Which of these 3 new features is your favorite?

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