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Healthie is excited to partner with That Clean Life, a meal planning service that lets you create beautiful, branded and nutritionally balanced meal plans for your clients, without having to spend hours on it! 

Here at Healthie, we were so lucky to sit down with Abigail Hopkins, former nurse and co-founder of That Clean Life, to discuss her inspiration for creating this platform, how nutritionists can benefit from using a meal planning service, and how she balances it all as an entrepreneur! 


Healthie [H]: Tell us about That Clean Life for Business.

Abigail/That Clean Life [A]: That Clean Life for Business makes it super easy for wellness professionals to provide beautiful, custom-branded, nutritionally balanced meal plans, recipes, and grocery lists for their clients, without having to spend hours on it.

Our goal is to give nutritionists the tools they need to help their clients achieve success, while growing their businesses.


H: What was your inspiration for creating this great meal planning platform?

A: It all started when I was working full-time as a Registered Nurse. I hit rock bottom with my own health and needed to find a way to fuel my body with real food in a way that was enjoyable and sustainable.

I discovered that when I took the time to plan my meals every week, I felt better both mentally and physically. But the process of meal planning was time consuming. First I’d have to find the recipes, then I’d have to manipulate them to create the right number of servings, make the grocery list, grocery shop and prep. I knew there had to be a better way!

My husband is a software engineer, so together we took the concept of meal planning, and created a platform that would automate it, and make it much more simple and fun. Add recipes to your meal plan, and based on what you schedule, your grocery list is automatically generated!

We originally built That Clean Life for individual and personal use, but as we grew, we had more and more wellness professionals coming to us asking us to build a similar platform that they could use to create meal plans for their clients.

That is when we launched That Clean Life for Business, which allows nutritionists to upload their logo and create custom branded programs for clients that include meal plans, grocery lists, recipes and prep guides. We also offer pre-made programs to save our members a ton of time.


H: How do most nutritionists include That Clean Life for Business as part of their business models?

A: Our members use That Clean Life for Business in a variety of ways.

The first, and most common, is to offer meal planning as a service with clients one-on-one. So many nutritionists say that their clients are asking for meal plans, but they don’t have the time to create them. So we’re changing this.

When clients have specific dietary needs, they really appreciate having a plan and recipes to guide them. Our platform allows wellness professionals to offer a complete program, or a simple recipe book for inspiration. This is an added service, that can very quickly increase revenue.

Another common way we see nutritionists using That Clean Life for Business is to offer group programs either online or in-person. We make it super easy to create the materials that they can then use to run a challenge with their community or a corporate group.

We’ve also seen our members use the platform to create an online resource centre, an enticing opt-in for their mailing list and even offer a meal planning subscription service. It’s a super versatile tool and can be used at so many points in practice.


H: How do you think That Clean Life for Business can help boost private practice revenue?

A: The platform is designed to help nutritionists do more, with less. To offer meal planning as a service, host an online group program and offer premium resources without it would be super time consuming and nearly impossible. With That Clean Life, you can incorporate a variety of revenue streams in an efficient way.

Our members are able to take the time they save from creating resources, and invest it into other areas of their business like marketing or automation.

That Clean Life for Business also allows nutritionists to create an incredible client experience. Offering clients professional and effective resources will ultimately make them more successful, and turn them into raving fans. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful sales and marketing tools a nutritionist can ever have!


H: What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned as an entrepreneur since creating That Clean Life?

A: Always ask for feedback.

Whether you are a nutrition consultant, or building a tech product like me, taking the time to really listen to what your customers are telling you about your service is absolutely crucial. Asking for feedback and figuring out a way to implement it will improve relationships and your offering, so you can constantly get better overtime.


Thank you Abigail for providing great insight into how nutritionists can integrate a meal planning service into their private practice! If you have any questions or comments about That Clean Life or Healthie, contact us today:

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