Healthie Partners with Rouxbe Cooking School

Healthie is excited to announce our partnership with Rouxbe Cooking School to provide Healthie users with a unique culinary experience!

As a nutrition provider, you provide science-based recommendations with confidence. With the help of the Rouxbe Cooking School, you can expand upon your nutrition counseling services out of the office and into the kitchen!

Rouxbe Cooking School is an effective online culinary program for individuals and groups to learn basic culinary arts. The Rouxbe Cooking School program provides over 110 hours of culinary training, but programs can be customized to meet your individual and group needs. Rouxbe is a pioneer in the online cooking space, having trained thousands of cooks in over 600 hotel and food service establishments around the world.

Healthie helps Rouxbe graduates stay organized and relevant to help individuals develop their health-focused culinary ventures. This is just the beginning of a broader collaboration to come. Healthie and Rouxbe will work together to provide valuable resources, tools, and services to help people expand their health and wellness businesses.

Healthie’s CEO and co-founder Erica Jain says, “Many nutrition professionals provide healthy eating guidelines for their clients, but our partnership with Rouxbe helps nutrition professionals take their nutrition counseling into the kitchen to help their clients transition into a healthy lifestyle. We’re excited to be working with Healthie to develop the specific tools and technology to support Rouxbe culinary students and graduates! We can’t wait for all that’s to come!”

Rouxbe Cooking School is providing a special offer exclusively for Healthie users — just $99 for their individual culinary course (usually $199!)!

If you’re interested in finding out more about how Healthie and Rouxbe Cooking School can help you, contact us at

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