Starting and Growing a Corporate Wellness Practice

Interested in learning how to start and grow a corporate wellness business, with a focus in nutritional care? Having worked with corporate wellness providers to successfully implement and scale, we’ve seen what makes these programs run efficiently and generate large returns. Download our white paper below (for free!) to learn more. In this overview, we’ll cover:

  • How to think through what to offer in a corporate wellness offering
  • Day 1 Metrics: The 5-7 metrics you need to track from Day 1 to show program success
  • How to price for your services
  • Why corporate wellness is an important frontier for nutritional care
  • What successful programs look like (in-person counseling, virtual, food logging & accountability, pre-recorded programs & courses, supplements, messaging, wearables, and more)
  • How to leverage the Healthie platform for your corporate wellness work, particularly in nutritional care and counseling.

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