Rebecca Bitzer Reflects on Healthie and Private Practice Success

At the Delaware Dietetic Association’s Annual Conference, Rebecca Bitzer,  MS, RD/LD, CEDRD will be sharing her personal experiences in private practice with the practice she founded, Rebecca Bitzer, MS, RD & Associates.

She’s been in practice for over 30 years and will reflect on how technology platforms like Healthie has directly contributed to the growth and development of her private practice. In the past, Rebecca shared, “Technology is definitely improving the ways dietitians are able to practice, especially with phone apps. There are apps available that allow my dietitians and I to keep connected with our clients even if we are not in session.”

Rebecca’s group practice has been able to leverage the Healthie platform, particularly in responding to client requests for telehealth and virtual care.  “Recently, we have had a lot more requests to see clients on a virtual basis, and are excited to get more involved in telehealth,” says Rebecca. “This can become extremely difficult because many ways to communicate face to face virtually are not HIPAA compliant. We are excited to make virtual appointments more seamless between us and our clients!”


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