Using your Referral Link

As a Healthie Ambassador, you receive your own personalized referral link. If you haven’t yet received a referral link, let us know at We will be more than happy to supply you with one or resend your link. These links are great to use whenever you mention Healthie in a newsletter, on social media, in a listserve, or on your website and as others hear about Healthie through you, each time another one of your colleagues signs up, you and your colleague receive $70 in Healthie credit.

What are referral links?

Automatically accrue Healthie credit over time. There is no ceiling on how much credit you can earn and the amount will never expire.

Your referral link might look something like: 

(Please note: each referral code is personalized to you, so the one pictured above is an example.)

What do referral links do?

When someone clicks on your referral link, they are simply directed to They will not see anything about your account or your information. The customized link carries all the information we will need to know that they found out about Healthie through you. We will let you know each time one of your colleagues signs up for Healthie so that you can receive the credit you’ve earned.

How can I use my referral link?

Your referral link works as an embedded link or a hyperlink, so, when you mention Healthie online, you can highlight Healthie and hide the link like this: “Healthie

In your newsletter

When it’s time to make an announcement that you are using Healthie at your practice, one great place to create a buzz is to share Healthie in your practice newsletter. You can include headlines like, “My practice now offers telehealth,” and when mentioning Healthie, be sure to include your referral link so that we can track your those interested in learning more.

On Facebook

Whether you’re in a Facebook group or just posting on your page, feel free to mention that your practice uses Healthie! Just add your referral link into your post so that all of your colleagues who decide to copy your idea will be tracked and credit will be automatically applied to both of you when they sign up!

On your website

If your practice uses Healthie, we always encourage you to include Healthie on your website. On your website you can use Healthie as a marketing tool. If you include Healthie in one of your service offerings, why not let us help you market it! Be sure to check out our media tool kit for resources that you can add to your website.

In listserves 

Rack up Healthie credit fast by being the first to share Healthie with large groups of your colleagues all at once. Write a simple but sweet message sharing how you have been using Healthie in your practice and include your referral link and sit back as you cash in on Healthie credit with each new sign up!

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