The Private Practice Flyer

During our Marketing Boot Camp: Market Your Practice Like a Pro, the Advanced Seminar, we discussed how you can use tools such as Canva to create posters and advertising material to promote your practice. As a part of this class, we wanted to provide a few resources that are completely free for you to use, add your logo to, and add your contact information onto. These flyers (shown above) advertise nutritional counseling. Please feel welcome to adding additional text to best cater to your practice’s needs.

Download these flyers here!


When using these flyers we recommend going to to add your logo and additional text. These images were sized for Canva’s poster template. Select “Poster” when you first log into Canva and drag the image you would like to use into Canva’s editor. You can also drag your logo into Canva’s editor and place your logo where you would like it to go.

Next, add text! Go to Canva’s text button on the left-hand sidebar and place a text box where you’d like to add more information. We recommend including contact information such as your website, your practice phone number, and your contact email address. When you’re finished, download the file as a PDF and make sure your printer is equipped to print a poster this size. If not, you may want to invest in local printing services in your area.


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