Crafting Premium Content

In past weeks, we have discussed how premium content can support your website – whether it acts as another stream of revenue or as a free resource to drive traffic to your website. In general, premium content is one method that can allow you to easily elevate your website and/or blog. If you are a nutrition or health blogger, there is no reason not to create premium content! More often than not, the content is the toughest part!

Today, we’re going to share how you can use user-friendly tools such as Microsoft Word to create premium content. With a few simple design techniques, you can create stunning visuals to make your content really shine.

This example (shown above) was created in Microsoft Word with publicly sourced fonts and images. It can be used as a template for your own designs. We encourage you to play around with the Word file and see how it was created so that you too can design your own pieces of premium content.

Download this template here:

When creating an eBook or eCookbook, for readers you will want to make your project into a PDF. The nice thing about tools like Microsoft Word and Canva is that you can save your project as a PDF (Microsoft file, go to “Save As…” and change the file type to “.PDF”). ┬áThe PDF format makes it so that your text and photos cannot be edited or changed and is often how many self-publishing platforms will want to receive your book if you decide to use a third-party platform to sell your creation in an extended market.

Self-publishing your creation can mean selling either print copies or eBook versions. A few user-friendly sites that you can do this on include Lulu, Createspace, and Blurb. These sites will allow your to publish and sell your book cheaply (or often for free).


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